Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kites and sites ...

The boy and I are on Easter hols this week, and have decided to be active, and get out and about in Scotland since our RSPB membership cards came in this week. Today we went to Stirling in search of nature. We spotted Hamish the Highland coo in a woollen mill next to Callander, surrounded by 3 coach loads of tourists armed with cameras. He just loved the attention...

We also stopped at Aberfoyle (great toilets) and popped up to the David Marshall Lodge. A lovely place with virtually tame birds at the seed hangers and tables; chaffinches, coal tits, siskins etc. Really enjoyable, spoiled only by the completely inappropriate noise-fest that is Go-Ape! (exclamation point part of their logo ... 'nuff said).

But the best place we visited was Argaty Red Kites - it was unexpected because we only stopped in as it was on the road we happened to be on. We timed it perfectly, arriving just after they'd been fed. There were lots of Red Kites flying and diving about. Click the pics above and below for a close up - they're tricky to photograph.

On the way back to the car the showers stopped and the sun came out. We took the opportunity, and the barn full of sheep, to take some pics of my latest FO - finished yesterday and so so toasty. It's another hat-shaped hat by old maiden aunt.

Readers who are wondering what happened to finishing all the WIPs before Beijing - this is another work in progress. I had already finished this some time last year, but it was far too big, and went into the 'WIPs that must be frogged and re-knit' pile.

There, I said it. I confess; I didn't photograph all the WIPs I have - there are more.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Fourth time's the charm ...

The Lucy Neatby Toe Up Socks are finally going well ... on the fourth attempt.

1st attempt was the top down socks that were too small ....

2nd attempt I began trying the toe up option and got carried away with the increases. I increased to 80 stitches. After putting the stitches onto some waste yarn and trying them on I realised that they were way too big.

3rd attempt I chose the smaller size options in the pattern and went for 76 stitches - seemed about right. Still too big. *sigh*

It occured to me that maybe I should see how many stitches were on my previous pair of Lucy Neatby toe down socks and work from there ... there were 60 stitches. Quite a few less then!

4th attempt is 60 stitches and seems to be fitting perfectly so far. Only one and half inches to the heel too. I thought that I should read the heel instructions, and was delighted to discover that it's an after-thought heel (see Dec 18th post). This is something I've been wanting to try.

Look at him ... so cute isn't he? This is the same cat who has decided when he needs to be sick that the best place to do it is from the top of his climbing perch (5 feet high). He's done this a few times now ... onto to his fluffy cave bed, onto the newly plastered and painted walls, onto his scratch post. *sigh* I do love him, but sometimes I wish he'd just show me the common decency of throwing up on a newspaper, or even better, in the toilet.

And on that lovely note ... byee