Saturday, February 21, 2009

yawn ... *stretch*

Yawn ... yep, I've been in hibernation for quite some time! Think I'd like to stay under the duvet for another couple of months but thought I'd better show my face around here, before I had no readers anymore.

So, what have I been up to? Well, some haggis to keep out the cold - and it was the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns this year. If you haven't tried it - it's yummy and a great winter staple (and if you're a bit squeamish most shop-bought haggis isn't wrapped in a sheeps stomach anymore)!

It finally finally snowed 'proper' in Glasgow (it was deeper than this) after many years of waiting. The last good snow I remember was the winter of 1995/96, when we came back to student digs to find the water pipes had froze and burst, flooding everywhere, and filling the place with delightful (and some not so delightful) firemen.

Growing up in warmer lands, I am totally excited by snow - I love it!! Once, about 3 years ago, we woke up on a Sunday in March to find about a foot had dropped unexpectedly overnight. It was all gone by Monday, but for Sunday it was great. Everything was so quiet and people were out on the streets. We walked to the supermarket as we couldn't get the car out - it happens so rarely here that tyre chains, snow shovels and the like just aren't needed.

I took this shot of the birds on the frozen pond in Queen's Park - we stood hand in hand at the edge and watched the local neds skittering Buckfast bottles across the pond, and then slowly making their way over to retrieve them. I wasn't crossing my fingers and muttering 'please fall in' at all...

And we did a bit of birdwatching too. This was at Vane Farm.

On the knitting front, I've been making good progress with another version of Under the Hoodie, this time with some New Lanark yarn and my first attempt at colourwork, making up the Horde logo from World of Warcraft. It's going quite well I think.

Although I haven't been spending ALL my time away from this blog in Azeroth gaming. I have also been having a mid-life crisis of sorts. I had a seminar thingy for my work held at the Glasgow School of Art - which is where I studied Graphic Design. This led to a bit of a 'what the hell am I doing with my life, working in a law library!?!?!!? So after a wee wibble about this, I pounced on what I think I want to do with my life; web development and web design.

Now I'm busy figuring out software needs, courses, possible volunteer work etc. etc. to figure out if freelancing this could lead to a bit of life satisfaction. Not that I'm unhappy - but I feel I'd like to be more creative - and also extra money would be nice! More yarn and all that!

I've also been crocheting a bit - this is the fault of my knitting group. As if I don't have enough (at least 8) projects on the go already, they've decided that we should have a crochet appreciation meet this Tuesday. I can hear them saying 'nobody forced you into casting on something else Elaine, this is a voluntary thing'. Honestly, the mere suggestion of a new thing to try and I'm right there. I wish I could be more project monogomous, but it's just not in my dna!

So that's me for now. Promise I won't leave so long again!