Sunday, March 26, 2006

squinty photo...


I have succumbed to SSS...

Second Sock Syndrome ...

I cannot be arsed - as much as I loved knitting the first one the end result was not a sock that fitted me particularly well. It feels 'weird' It's alright... *shrug* but not the sunday socks to meander round the house that I desired.

So I cannot face frogging 2 weeks of solid work on the tiniest needles I have ever used, but nor can I face casting on the second one and giving them away to friends, family on charity. I hold my hands up - I am too selfish to give so much of myself away. I admit it!

I'm trying to upload a pic, but blogger just isn't having it!

I have also made one mitten from the sirdar fluffy stuff that i won on tuesday's snb, and finished my mesh scarf. Photos to follow- if the internet gods allow it!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lana Grossa sock pattern - arg!

Knowledgable sock knitters - I've finally reached the toe shaping bit of my first sock and I'm stuck!It's a Lana Grossa pattern as follows (my questions in red);

Round 1: Knit to 3 sts before first marker, k2t, k1, (slip marker), k1, Ssk 2tog
'Ssk 2tog' ? is that just ssk, or ssk twice and knit together? and also - do i then knit to end of row?

Round 2: Knit to 3 sts before second marker, k2tog, k1, (slip marker), K1, Ssk 2tog
same questions as above round

Work decrease rounds every alternative round initially
Knit rows do I follow:Rnd 1, knit one row, Rnd 2, knit one row? Or Rnd 1, Rnd 2, knit one row?help!? I'm so close to finishing!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

2nd March 2006

Yes I am still alive....

I've been moving house. So the Knitting Olympics failed. :(
I cast on my pretty yarn last night - so my intention of finishing ALL WIPs has failed. :(

Not everything is a failure in my world tho!

I found this online magazine which is unbelievably cool!

If you're an independent designer then check it out!
If you're looking for that unusual pressie, sick of the high street and have a desire to support independent desginers then check it out!
If you aren't either of the above - check it out!
Check it out!
N.E.E.T. magazine