Friday, September 30, 2005

Turtleneck Shrug clarified!

Thanks Kathleen :)

I think I finally get my shrug instructions with a little rearrangement of commas and adding of full stops it makes sense; (I know how to CO using the backward loop method]

  • Joining round (RS) work across 39 stitches on needles in established rib.
  • Using the backward loop method, CO 9 stitches.
  • With RS of other sleeve facing, work across 39 stitches from holder in established rib.
  • CO 9 stitches as before [backwards loop method] - 96 stitches in total.
Anyway - I will be back later to upload my latest crafty pictures - to work!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday 29th September

So I'm wiped out today - work was busy as it's the start of the semester - it's great when the new students come in and we can feel wanted and useful helping them to find their feet - but now I'm so tired I could just fall asleep, and tonight is my web design class. I have to leave in 20 minutes.

I took loads of photos of my mis-shapen handmade bag and hand-spun yarn, but I don't have enough time to upload them.

So instead I'll show you a picture of the beautiful bag that the boy has just got me from eBay - Yay! I'm sure I can fit plenty of knitting projects in it :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wed. 28th Sept.

So I've spent the day adding photos, and learning how to use my blog. Am happy now :)

I'm planning to start my own e-commerce business, and so have been attending web design evening classes to try and understand all this technology. Thought a blog might be a good idea to give me a bit more insight. To be honest the whole thing is a total mystery, but it's becoming clearer with each class.

I am planning on selling scarves, greeting cards, rebound books, recycled items [i.e. vintage tea-towels into totes, etc.].

I spent the bank holiday weekend trying to master my Singer sewing machine [given to me by mum - thanks mum! :) ] Did quite well, apart from a slight fiasco with the handles...

Everyone was very nice about it at last nights Stitch n' Bitch meet though :) A Design feature! [Will take photos soon]

Am going to pause for a bit to carry on with my Turtleneck Shrug [see above] - am reaching a confused bit of the pattern. If anyone can help? Please?! See below for pattern instructions.

I have one sleeve one a stitch holder, and the other on dpns working on the round, and then this;

"Joining round (RS) work across 39 stitches on needles in established rib, using the backward loop method [huh?].

CO 9 stitches, with RS of other sleeve facing, work across 39 stitches from holder in established rib, CO 9 stitches as before - 96 stitches in total."


My kitty's story

Just because he's so damn cute!

My rescue kitten Rommel [I know! An evil-ex named him!] He's my special baby, and was found frozen into the ice at the back of a pub. They thought he was a rat til he mewped.
Then they put drips in both his wee paws and nursed him back to life.

He was booted about by people, and (they think) left to wander out into the snow. [bastards!]

Anyway, now he is my special [indoor] kitty and well adjusted [ahem! OK so maybe not! but still, I love him!]

I got him when he was 12 weeks old, and he hissed at me for about 2 months...

So that's my baby :)

Alpaca scarf

Ok - so here's my alpaca scarf. Pic on right demostrating how long it suddenly got... I usually get really impatient, but it's a really meshy stitch with needles double the size recommended on the yarn.

Before I knew it the scarf was trailing the floor....

I used Debbie Bliss Alpaca, and it only took 2 and half balls to get this length. It was a Sirdar pattern for Bigga, but I can't bear 100% pure wool - too itchy!

<-- here's a close-up of the pattern - if you can see it?

Spot my kitty on the window ledge - aahhh :)

Kool-Aid experiments

My Kool-Aid experiments :)

See [ ] for method help.

I used Jaegar Merino Aran [now discontinued] in cream - It came out fabulous I think. The fiery one is being used for a diagonal striped scarf [pics later].

I also tried 100% pure wool - colours came out matt and dull. Cream merino made them really vibrant and alive.

Going to stop now - Pop back later for more playing and fun in my shiny new blog of knitting joy!

iPod cover

Ok - Uploading photos! I'm storming ahead! This is attempt no 5 at iPod covers. This is my fav. and the one I'm currently using.

I used Bernat Handicrafter 100% cotton - after hearing reports that using certain wools & blends for knitting iPod covers can scratch them. Well I saved for 3 months + birthday money for mine so definately didn't want it scratched.

The pattern is hardly rocket science - long rectangle, sewn together at the edges. But I'm proud!

My first blog

Ok ... this is me. My first blog.
Gonna post this and figure how it all works!