Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wed. 28th Sept.

So I've spent the day adding photos, and learning how to use my blog. Am happy now :)

I'm planning to start my own e-commerce business, and so have been attending web design evening classes to try and understand all this technology. Thought a blog might be a good idea to give me a bit more insight. To be honest the whole thing is a total mystery, but it's becoming clearer with each class.

I am planning on selling scarves, greeting cards, rebound books, recycled items [i.e. vintage tea-towels into totes, etc.].

I spent the bank holiday weekend trying to master my Singer sewing machine [given to me by mum - thanks mum! :) ] Did quite well, apart from a slight fiasco with the handles...

Everyone was very nice about it at last nights Stitch n' Bitch meet though :) A Design feature! [Will take photos soon]

Am going to pause for a bit to carry on with my Turtleneck Shrug [see above] - am reaching a confused bit of the pattern. If anyone can help? Please?! See below for pattern instructions.

I have one sleeve one a stitch holder, and the other on dpns working on the round, and then this;

"Joining round (RS) work across 39 stitches on needles in established rib, using the backward loop method [huh?].

CO 9 stitches, with RS of other sleeve facing, work across 39 stitches from holder in established rib, CO 9 stitches as before - 96 stitches in total."


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Steven_Anderson said...

: ) looking good, you doing any work?