Friday, August 25, 2006

deep deep joy!

Thank you everybody who responded on my blog and the many forums that I cried for help on! I have done much researching of substituting and the muddy fog has cleared to a bright sunshine day of understanding! This is what I have learned:
C220 = Cascade 220 / TDT = Tahki Donegal Tweed

Substituting - tips for success:
Weight - Stick to the same weight yarn [i.e. stay with aran / worsted / DK etc] for maximum ease and avoidance of extreme maths in pattern alteration.
C220 = worsted weight / TDT = worsted weight Check!

- This one foxed me the most! How could something with the same stitches per inch, same needle size and same weight have a different length!?
Explanation - different wools, cottons, blends etc are heavier than others. So althought they are both wool - they are from different animals - TDT must be from an animal with a heavier coat as there is less yardage per gram!

Different yardage to the gram means that the FO will be physically heavier or lighter - the greater the difference the greater the likelihood that the FO will not 'hang' right. I think I'll be OK though with this one.

Yardage must be equal or more, or I will run out of yarn before the end.

TDT has 183 yards / 167 metres per skein.
It calls for 7 skeins [in my size] therefore 183 yards / 167 metres multiplied by 7 equals 1281 yards / 1171.3 metres. [it's not hard maths!]

C220 has 220 yards / 200 metres per skein.
Therefore 1281 yards / 1171.3 metres divided by 220 yards / 200 metres equals 5.8. Which means I need 5.8 (or 6!) skeins plus 1 extra for luck! Check!

Fibre - If the pattern is wool, stick with wool. If it's cotton, stick with cotton. Generally anyway - it's all to do with drapes and how it hangs ....

TDT and C220 are both wool check!

- make sure the ply is the same - apparently if you use single ply when the pattern is 2 ply it can make huge differences to the FO.
TDT and C220 are both 'plied' according to yarndex, which I figure means that it OK, so check!

Tension / Gauge
- the final hurdle - make sure these match. As both balls state 18 stitches equal 4 inches / 10cm using 5mm needles then check!

Woo-hoo! Now .... which colour do I choose!

I can make Central Park Hoodie for £34.93 buying C220 from getknitted!

I am so happy, happy, happy!

Under the Hoodie saga continues ... all I have discovered is that for the pattern to work I must not be more than 0.5 of a stitch outside the designated tension requirements. I'm 1.5 stitches out, so will continue knitting my swatch and then wash it and block that mother up to size!!


scarybez said...

Thanks so much for that Elaine. I'm yet to branch into yarn swapping for a big project like a jumper and your explanation is really clear - I'll consult here before I take the plunge :) Good luck with the hoodie!

Rosie said...

Those yarns look almost edible, how on earth will you select just one? Good luck with Under the Hoodie; I'd be inclined to try the next needle size up, a girl can never have too many addis!

Ignoble Jen said...

For your information.......

Midsummer night's knitter said...

off with a migraine - there's a surprise! Managed to buy some 4head yesterday, unfortuntately couldn't remember where I had put it, so I have no idea whether or not it will work.
Are you going knitting tomorrow? If I'm well enough, I reckon I will, since I will be stuck in nightclass Hell soon enough.