Sunday, August 20, 2006


The first sock done! DK pattern and Schoeller & Stahl Limbo Color Col: 2539 - bought from Web Of Wool at Woolfest [they have just updated their website by the way - it's great]

I'm totally in love with this yarn! It's like TV white snow but in glorious technicolour. It pains me to stop halfway through - although I have cast on the second sock and done a few rows just to avoid SSS. As it's DK yarn it goes so much faster - and is lovely, cosy and autumnal.

The middle pic is my very first shot at kitchener stitch ... it was doubly-hard as I didn't really understand *what* kitchener stich is. I didn't realise until I saw a finished pic somewhere on the internet that it's a stitch that makes it look like there is no join - just knitting continued around the toe.

Mine doesn't look like that ...

But it's fantastically comfortable, and sock #2 will be better!

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