Sunday, August 20, 2006


Oh yes! The blanket is 'officially' done! It is currently blocking [a practice I can rarely be arsed with, but this is a present for a baby ... ] using a method that a fellow SnB'er found on the Yarn Harlot's blog called: "Walk around the Block"

I did briefly think of not bothering with this - sewing a thread up all the edges *sigh* and it took so long that I thought the blanket was going to be dry by the time I finished.

I was halfway through when I had a panic about the pastel green cotton that I was using - what if it bleeds with the damp blanket? Those knitters who do tension squares probably would have had the patience to pull out what they had done and re-thread the blanket using white cotton instead.

I couldn't face it. Goody-two-shoes knitter on my shoulder was whispering 'it took you so long to finish this blanket - are you really telling me that you're prepared to risk it all over the 30 minutes it'd take to start again?'

Lazy-arse knitter on the other shoulder won - with her reasoning that any dye-transference could be fixed with a pretty crochet edging.

So far it's still looking OK ...

It felt a bit like I was back in the girl guides tying up all the strings to the pins at the corner; round and under, through the next pin , round and under ...

But it's so 'neat' and straight - I keep turning to look at it more as I type this. Plus it's added a few centimetres to the blanket's size!

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