Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Under the Hoodie

[Yay! It let me post pics]

This is how far I've got with Under the Hoodie from Stitch n Bitch - the tension square magically worked itself out once washed. I barely had to pin it - it just 'went' to the right gauge with little prompting. So I cast-on and am really enjoying this.

It's my first time with Addis, and knitting something 'proper' with circs - they really make knitting more portable, although as a 'pit-knitter', I struggled a bit initially.

Brenda Dayne's podcast this week had loads of fun ideas and news that grabbed my attention; like Innocent [the ethical smoothie-makers] requesting tiny hats for their bottles in order to raise money for Age Concern this Christmas - I think I'll take part in this - there's a pattern to knit them up with DK yarn.

She also podcasted about Knitting Pattern-a-day looking for designers for the 2007 edition of the pattern-a-day calenders. This looked like something I could definately get into, especially as it has a longer deadline [January 1, 2007] than Knitty's - which I'm never going to make!

Finally, she podcasted about a Yahoo knitting swap group which seemed like a great way for me to get my hands on some of that American yarn that I so covet ... mmmm...Socks that Rock, Knitpicks mmm...


Kathleen said...

Good colour choice, it looks fabby so far.

Jo said...

I love the innocent smoothie hats! Great way to get rid of those wee leftovers... :) I will get to it tonight! Jo xx