Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Help!! The technical post ...

Ok .. I'm having a tension nightmare!

No. 1: Under the Hoodie [SnB] - my first venture with the Addi Turbos [so divine to knit with it brings tears to my eyes!] The tension required is 19 sts to 10cm with 5mm. I have 20.5 sts to cm. I have done a tension square ... but I haven't washed it yet. Should I go through this process, or should I get 5.5mm addis and try again?

The sleeves I knitted from scarf style with the same yarn [Kid Classic] 'grew' on me quite a bit. I can fix it with blocking, but not much.

I dont know what to do when the tension doesnt match! It was much less stressful when I didn't swatch ... but Rowan Kid Classic costs so much I can't afford not to!

OK - tension headache No. 2 concerns Central Park Hoodie (pictured below) from this seasons Knitscene - I saw this pattern within it's pages at Woolfest and snapped it up, knowing I had to make this!

It calls for Tahki Donegal Tweed : 183 yd (167m) / 110g - Tension 17 sts & 24 rows = 4 inches.
I thought that Cascade 220 from Getknitted would work, but when I went to buy it tonight I realised that the meterage is all off. Cascade 220 has the same sts per inch but it has 200m per 100g.

My question is; is this OK? As long as I make sure that if the pattern calls for 7 skeins x 167m - as long as I have the same or more and the tension matches, that this will work?

But what does it mean? Is my yarn too thin if it has an excess meterage? Will it be 'gappy' - probably not cos the sts per inch matches. If the sts per inch match how can the meterage be different!?


And, finally - hoodie scarf. Pattern here [PDF]. I love this! At a recent SnB in Mono, Nicola and I were looking at the hemp-y veggie clothes, and came across a fleece version of this, which we both loved, and simultaneouly started thinking about how it could be adapted into a knitting pattern. Viola! Diana has beaten us to it, and taken the hard work away!


Ignoble Jen said...

Oh such a tizzy! I understand your concerns but have no answers I am still a very inexperienced knitter.

I do have something that may be of interest to you........

moosh said...

i can add nothing useful either, I'm afraid! I've never swatched - so ashamed!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I've downloaded that hoodie scarf- next on my to-do list!
PS Do you have the Stictch'n'Bitch books? I don't have them, but I was reading one at Borders, possiblye 'NAtion' and there is a really useful section which tells you how to adapt a pattern to use yarn which knits up to a different gauge.