Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Whoop Whoop! Just got Friday 30th June afternoon off at work so that we can drive down to WOOLFEST!!!! [I think it deserves multiple exclamation marks and caps ...]

So excited I think I could burst! Just gotta find somewhere to stay Friday & Saturday night now - although I would be happy in the car / tent outside the venue ...

And I got a huge birthday parcel at my work from my friend in Singapore!

It's a good day :)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday 29th May

This is how far I've got on the baby blanket. I think that the moss stitch border is more visible in this photo - hardly the most exciting design, but I thought of it myself so I'm pleased.

There was lots of oohing and aahing at Sunday's Stitch n Bitch at the beautiful softness of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran - which makes this unbelievably 'boring to the point of tears' project more bearable. At moments of extreme boredom a quick fondle can usually give me another motivating boost. I chose it because it is machine washable and also aran weight - thus faster to knit up. Even still it's taking me an age to knit - and the deadline looms large - quite literally.

Lookee at the beautiful necklace I got on Saturday at the Miso Funky Market - I've been wearing this ever since I got it - it's utterly adorable and a total turn-around for me - I never used to like hearts ...

And I did a trade of some stitch markers with Ysolda for this beautiful hand dyed sock yarn - which I cannot wait to cast on - but am going to have to. Damn project diet - grrr! I am really feeling the pinch, and having to keep reminding myself why I'm doing this.

Lilith alerted me to the fact that Ysolda is the designer of Arasaig which is just stunning.

Anyways - Big Brother is on - and I cannot proscrastinate any longer - the blanket must be faced so I can move on with my life.

Sock pouch

I've had such a good day! Spent the whole of Bank Holiday Monday crafting away making this reversible sock knitting on-the-go bag - I just have to get some cord from John Lewis. Above is a shot carrying it like a bag.

It has a drawstring to pull it shut and a loop to hold a clip that can be attached to belts or jeans belt loops etc.

The pouch can be reversed so the loop that serves to hold the clip on the outer side can be used on the inside to thread the yarn through, preventing tangling while knitting.

I made this as a tester for one I'm planning to make for my Secret Pal - It was so hard not to just cast on the sock yarn - I'm dying to start a new project!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

World Knitting Cup

Ever the sucker for this type of thing I have applied to join the World Knitting Cup and plan to cast on my delicious Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn to make a pair of socks.

Does anyone know of any good online patterns? I'm hoping for something with ribbing and cable. I have from 9th June 18:00 (Central European Time) to 9th July 21:30 (CET) to complete this - which will indeed be a challenge for me!

The yarn project ration I hear you say - but this is a BB-style task and also I'm running out of 'simple' projects and need one on the go for holidays, meetups and KIPs...

There! Justified!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Finished project!!

Yay! Finished this at last nights meet - I wanted a 'fire' scarf, and I think I've achieved that - Its black [Rowan R2 fuzzi felt] with Kool-Aid dyed fire [Rowanspun].

Both yarns have since been discontinued, illustrating how long this has been a WIP! But I'm happy with it and have been wearing all day!

Off to update my progress bar!

Queen's Park

This is the rabbit I chased for a pic - it was really cute, and a baby - but it ran away :(

... and the baby duck that the boy took a shot of ...

I took this of the rain showers coming across the park - just missed this shower.

Birthday Pressies

Behold its delicious beauty! This is my birthday pressie from L - Its all berry colours and I can't wait to knit it up!

This project rationing is really starting to bite now :(

Thank you very much for my present L :)

Watch this space for this on my feet!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Get Knitted

Argh!! Just in at Get knitted

Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted and Bulky [so long have I coveted these!], cotton fleece and sock yarn!
Cascade 220 Peruvian Highland Wool

...is it sad that I am nearly crying with joy at my computer desk at work? Look at all the beautiful Lamb's Pride colours ... oh the felting, oh the colour combos....

Off to look at sock yarns - I didn't know they did sock yarns too!

Tuesday 23rd May

Finally received my Vogue Knitting International - it didn't take as long as they said it would. Bit disappointed with this one actually. Only a couple of projects really jumped out at me (above) - usually it's a lot more. I was quite pleased to see a column on knitting & the UK and also quite interested by an article on the British Wool industry.

"The British Wool Marketing Board operates a central marketing system for UK fleece wool with the aim of achieving the best possible net returns for farmers." it says on its home page. It would appear that this system is not working out very well - and farmers (esp. small or 'hobby' farmers) are facing massive losses on their wool - the article claims that fleeces costing the farmer £50 to shear are fetching them £0.89. (!)

The system works like this: All farmers (Shetland farmers are excepted) with 4 or more sheep must, by law, sell their wool to the British Wool Marketing Board who pay the farmers a price based on its world value and grading.

So external factors such as the world prices of fleece wool, currency fluctuations and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are currently causing damage to the value of UK wool which is resulting in low prices being paid by the BWMB to the farmers.

So the BWMB are indeed obtaining the "best possible net returns for farmers" and may not be the 'bad guy' that they at first appear to be. But it doesn't alter the fact that farmers are effectively 'trapped' into selling their fleece wool to the BWMB, and this leaves them with no choice or option to explore other, perhaps more profitable, alternatives.

It is important to mention that the BWMB are farmer run, and a not-for-profit organisation.

While it is clearly a complex issue that I'm sure is being dealt with as best as possible under the circumstances, it doesn't change the fact that some farmers are finding it more economical to simply burn the fleeces - that to me seems an awful shame, and also - a waste of potential stash!

Both the Scotsman and the Telegraph have online articles about this issue. It saddens me as a knitter to discover that things are so bad for UK farmers - and I wonder what, if anything, can be done to free them from this seemingly desperate situation.

Moving on from this issue - the weekend was a wash-out knitting-wise. We had guests coming on Saturday evening and so spent a combined 13 hours getting the house 'guest clean'. Time I frankly would have rather spent knitting - but I am glad that we put in the effort as the windows are all sparkly and clean, and everything looks so new and pretty. And we had a lovely evening.

Sunday therefore was spent exhausted and in pain from said cleaning - so much so that we didn't wake up til noon, and by the time the Asda / Petsmart duties were out of the way it was dinner-time. I got a couple of rows in on the baby blanket, but nothing substantial.

I have 3 plain projects to bring with me to this evenings SnB - the project ration is feeling me with emotions of alternating extreme boredom and desire to cast on new projects, and a sense of fulfilment as I work steadily through the on-the-needle projects that I suddenly remembered how much I wanted to complete and wear.

We decided to go on a nice walk yesterday evening after work - to get those muscles working in time for Barcelona (strong muscles - better shoping!). So a quick jaunt behind the house led to the spotting of a herd of neds in the path ahead. The guy in front of us did a sharp u-turn on sighting them, closely followed by our own cowardly about turn.

Inwardly pissed that we let them see they had affected our path (and instilled fear) I have to say that (getting into the car and driving to) Queen's Park was a much nicer place to walk instead! I have pics of squirrels to follow :)

and thats me!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday 19th May

Knitting needles & aircraft
So 'N' at BAA Glasgow says that it's "absolutely fine" to take knitting needles on board an aircraft with hand luggage. "Not a problem" she says - apparently I just made it, as they changed the rules a couple of weeks ago. (I was under the impression from my 'Google' research that this changed in April 2005.)

Fingers crossed that all will be fine - although I may call again nearer the date just to hear someone else say it. There is no mention of knitting needles on The List on their website.

I'm a little alarmed that BAA feel it necessary to tell passengers that fireworks are not allowed in hand luggage...

What else?

BB News
Well - of course me and the boy were in watching the start of Big Brother last night - there is a knitter!! And he's Glaswegian!! And by all accounts so far, an hyperactive pain in the arse ... och well.

Knitting news
I've been plodding on with the blanket - about 1/3 of the way through - and Branching out - about 6 repeats done so far. Neither project is particularly exciting me right now - but I am determined to get down to 1 complicated and 1 easy project by the end of BB.

Crap! I've just lost everything moving from preview mode back to writing this - I'm not in a writing mood anymore *humpf*

Will come back later :(

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday 16th May

This is the sky outside my work window at the moment - I'm having to stay late so thought I'd do my blog here instead. By the time I finished typing that the heavens opened - typical Glasgow.

Listening to: "Time of My Life" Macy Gray (gonna add these in everytime a new song starts on my iPod)

So I admitted publically at Sunday's Stitch n Bitch group that I'm so excited about this years Big Brother - I confess! I love it! The boy loves it! We sit on the couch all summer and watch it together.

To me it signals that summer is here. Despite Glasgow insisting on remaining grey and rainy, Big Brother on the TV means that the sun is coming soon and that makes me happy.

Also when the boy and I started going out and were still in that uncertain phase it was a great was of keeping in contact without adding any 'clingy / where is this going' pressure. We would text each other latest goss - and news from our respective flats "did you see what X just did?!" That kind of thing - so Big Brother brings with it fond memories :)

Listening to: "Where did you sleep last night?" Nirvana

I've been trying to think of a good knitting challenge to undertake for the duration of Big Brother - I'm thinking an actual challenge would be to try and get my WIPs down to 1 complex and 1 easy project. To try and finish everything else on the needles. And to KIP as often as possible in the spirit of Big Brother having everything public.

Speaking of the boy - we are going to Barcelona for a few days in June - flying out on my birthday (terrifyingly 06/06/06 *gulp*) so obviously I am prioritising what needs to be done for our trip:
I have found the yarn shop "Barcelana" thanks to Madeline's blog (I hope you are enjoying Dundee) and am about to ring Glasgow Airport to check that my 2.25mm Brittany sock needles will not be taken from me (and they will have to take them - I'm not about to hand them over - and believe you me - 2 hours in London without knitting ... I will need valium!

Listening to: "Provider" NERD

Anyways - I am very excited! I have my Spanish phrasebook:
Como se va a Barcelana? - Where is Barcelana?
Lana - Wool
hacer punto - to knit
Tiene los calcetines lana - Do you have sock wool?
Cuanto cuesta el lana - How much is the wool?

Listening to: "What's going on?" - Cyndi Lauper

And I gasped aloud at work yesterday when I read these magic words on Get Knitted [my bolded emphasis]

Coming soon.......Brown Sheep yarns....Fleece Artist yarns.....Schaeffer......Noni Bag Patterns.....Anna Bell Designs........More Hip Knits.......Cascade 220 and fingers crossed later this summer 'Socks That Rock' ! That should keep all our needles clicking.

AAhhhhhh! Whoop whoop!

and thats me for today!

On the needles
Baby blanket for work colleague - with 30 cm ruler to see how far I've got!
10 sts moss stitch border with straight knit - this is my 'in public / watching TV' project. Knitting in Debbie Bliss utterly heavenly Cashmerino Aran from K1 Yarns.

(I don't know why these pictures are so dark - I'm at work and the camera doesn't like the nasty florescent tube lighting apparently)

Listening to
A Poem on the Underground Wall - Art Garfunkel

On the needles
Branching out from Knitty in Rowan Kidsilk Haze - I am determined to do a pattern repeat a night. I've never knitted with Kidsilk Haze before - a firm believer that mohair and sensitive necks should never mix - but someone at my SnB group had knitted one and Kidsilk Haze is no scratchy mohair! [or if it turns out to be - then it is a gift!]

Listening to
Don't Let me Get Me - Pink

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday 14th May

I was determined to finish my socks by the end of the weekend and I have! Yay! I love them! There is a wee bumpy bit on the inside toe of one sock that is a little bugging but ... I tried to re-weave in the top about 3 times then pulled too far and undid a bit of the cast off row - My completely winging it tie up seems to have lessens the bump but I'm not 100% sure it's gonna stick - soon find out!

So - my first pair of socks ...

The Good
I 'invented' [through pattern mis-reading] left and right socks which feel more comfortable to me than my initial sock with it's centrally-oriented toes.

Good knitting karma led to matching striped through absolute accident - I only noticed after about an inch that I had done this.

The Bad
My first sock - despite very thorough maths [which I detest] was too big with such a long toe decrease that a Stitch n Bitch friend commented that it looked like a condom... It had to be frogged.

My first sock 'proper' I made the heel flap too long and so when I picked up the stitches along the edge I had about 6 too many and had to k2tog to get the right amount [then make a note of this mistake to repeat it for the 2nd sock]

Once re-establishing knitting on the round I got carried away with the decreases and decreased until I had 5 stitches less than I supposed to and had to m5 on the sole side to catch up [then make a note of the mistake to repeat it for the 2nd sock]

The toe was such a horrendous nightmare:
a. I changed to the Opal sock toe and didn't read the pattern thoroughly [watching tv at the same time] and only spotted the Rnd 2: knit line too late and had to decrease on every row.

b. Despite noticing that I hadn't read the toe pattern thoroughly I continued in this trend and didn't spot the 3rd line of Rnd 1's instructions - and so I decreased 1 stitch at one side and 2 stitches at the other - which is why I ended up with a left toe.

c. I perceived this as good fortune and decided to reverse this for the 2nd sock to get a right toe. Upon reaching the toe on sock 2 I noticed that the Rnd 1 instructions were actually decrease 2 stitches at both sides - and I didn't know which ssk2tog I had omitted in the first sock. So I was either going to get it right .... or end up with 2 left feet ...
Muting of the TV and frantic discussions with the boy - if i decrease by 1 stitch at one side and 2 at the other which would be the steepest side? [Answer - to decrease by 1 stitch - thanks the boy - my head couldn't get around this but I trusted him and thank God as it worked!]

All of this aside - I have a pair of comfortable socks which I think are cool and am happy with! I am prepared to try this again - and indeed have bought some cotton yarn from K1 Yarns to try. I am coveting Socks that Rock and Koigu and ... and ... yes the addiction is strong in this one.

This was a great portable and light project - easy for KIPing and although straight stitch all the way, not dull as it is knitting in the round, and that gave it more interest for some reason.

Oh! And I also discovered (at last tuesday's stitch n bitch meet) the reason why my socks are inside out when I knit and others are not. Because for some inexplicable reason once I have cast on I knit back over the row and then join them together - instead of joining them together immediately - I think this must be a lefty thing but am pleased to realise this.

It doesn't make any difference to the sock [or indeed anything else knit in the round] as far as I can tell - but it would be nice to see my sock building in all it's glory rather than having to turn it inside out periodically to see and risj having it all fall off the needles.

This is me for the evening - too tired to write anymore. I'm off to update my Lana Grossa sock bar to 100% - yes!


Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday 12th May

I think I have blogger fever ...

So this Secret Pal 8 is making me think recently about knitting. Thank you Kathleen for you lovely comment - I am starting to realise that knitting (and all creative pastimes) does indeed define and shape us.

I recently bought 3 balls of Rowan Kid Classic to knit the Sleeves from Scarf Style again in a deep red this time. I was wearing my sleeves last night as I sock knitted and thinking about much I just LOVE the yarn! So much so I would prefer to knit a jumper or cardi than another sleeves.

So I began to briefly search for patterns - I realised this morning (whilst filing an update at work) that the "Under the Hoodie" from the Stitch n' Bitch book is made from Kid Classic.

I was honestly so excited I thought I'd explode - I feel like it's Christmas such is my excitement to get home and find out how many more balls I need - and whether John Lewis still has more of the deep red in the same dyelot!

I looked around and there was no-one to tell - I find it difficult to understand how non-knitters exist without knitting and everything that it brings to life. My boy tries his best to look interested when I start spouting ssks and decreasing codes at him during frustrating knitting moments - but really he struggles I think.

He is happy enough to congratulate me on a (rare!) FO as he can see it's prettiness, and can appreciate the time that has gone into it (having sat with me through every minute and expletive!) but the understanding of the joy of knitting is lost on non-knitters.

Rowan Kid Classic is not my favourite yarn to knit with - it's 'splitty' and quite simply unfroggable if any mistakes are made - which happen a lot with gauge square avoiders like myself! But still - I love the FO so much that I will knit a jumper with it just to feel the sumptious quality of another Rowan Kid Classic item.

Why knit?
One reason I knit is because I am a 'worrier', an 'over-thinker' with an addictive personality. I have drifted through various addictions in my life; smoking, reading etc but none have stuck in the way that knitting has.

I never do anything by half - when I was addicted to reading I bought hundreds of books from Amazon - when I smoked (now quit for 5 years), friends made me cigarette box-shaped birthday cakes with cigarettes instead of candles ...

When I started to meet fellow knitters I realised that this level of addiction when it comes to knitting is OK. To take knitting to the level where you have 10+ projects of the needles and literally a room full of stash and always more coming in the post is ... OK. In fact it's positively normal. The only knitters who are not like this it sees, are people at the beginning of the craft - feeling the bite of the addiction and starting to learn about the myriad resources out there to help them feed their addiction - and knitters are always keen to help each other find this place!

Well this is me - typed out this lunchtime!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday 11th May

Feeling in a type-y mood.

Music: Every Planet we reach is Dead - Gorillaz
On the sticks: Lana Grossa socks [70% there]
Mood: Tired but happy cos the sun is shining & the work day is over!

Spent today gleaning information about my SP spoilee stalker style - have a notebook full of likes, dislikes, ideas for gifts etc. Can't wait to get buying and sending - obviously I can't say too much but yay! This is fun!

Listy things
First 12 songs to play on shuffle on my iPod
Eventually - Pink
Guilty Conscience - Eminem
The Snow - Audio Bullys
Il Tramonto - Ennio Morricone (Love)
Crane/White Lightening - The RZA & Charles Be ...
Twentyfourseven - All Saints
Respect - Pink
Face in a Cloud - Audio Bullys
By_Myslf - Linkin Park
A Good Day - Abdominal & DJ Fase (Love)
Putting Shame in your Game - The Beastie Boys
Ugly Brothers - Dj Format (Love)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tuesday 10th May

I had a lovely time at yesterday evenings Stitch n' Bitch meet - we were to bring along our favourite knitting books - I brought "At Knit's End" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and "Scarf Style" by Pam Allen.

"At Knit's End" always cheers me up as it's full of knitting mediations, quotes and observations about the addictive craft of knitting - I can relate to so much of this book. The boy bought me this for Christmas after reading the sub-title "Meditations for women who knit too much" - he believes for some reason that this is me....

I wondered aloud at last nights meet - why have I not met a knitter who is not utterly addicted to this craft? Why is knitting one of those hobbies where it is all-consuming? I am always either knitting, thinking about knitting, reading about knitting, writing about knitting, shopping for knitting [and knitting related items].

Scarf Style is the book from which I made these sleeves - I have bought the same yarn in another colour to do this again, as I loved it so much, and it really dresses up nicely. There is a blog for Scarf Style project - which I really must join and do other projects -

So J was telling about the blog-ring for librarians who knit - I think I had come across this earlier, but am determined to investigate further - whether they will allow a lowly library assistant into their flock is another matter - academic types can be funny this way...

I made leaps and bounds with my second sock last night - photos still to follow - camera's rechargables have run low since the thunderstorm picture taking fiesta ...

Ooh! I forgot to mention that the book at the head of the post is one brought in by J that I really love and have added to my Amazon wishlist.

And A brought in a fantastic retro knitting / crochet encyclopedia with the coolest illustrations and inspirational ideas within - she was working on a set of voodoo dolls [also providing helpful places to store dpns when not in use - stabbed into the dolls chest...] She has promised to upload the photos to her blog soon :)

Sock knitting seemed to be leading the way last night - with me, J, E, and L all working on socks.

Oh well that is me for this lunch time at least - maybe come back later and add the promised sock photos.

Update: Vogue Knitting International - they got back to me to apologise and send a replacement copy - which I could expect in 6-7 weeks [!!!!!] - I asked them why the extensive delay [are they not knitters? Do they not understand that I am on the edge of my seat waiting for this magazine!?] They replied that they were sending it surface mail ["$£%%^%$!!!] so I have cancelled my subscription - I can get them quicker at my LYS and would prefer to support my LYS anyway.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday 7th May

This is our shot of the truely spectacular thunder storm on Thursday evening - enough to drive me from my sock knitting on the sofa to watch Mother Nature wreak her emotions down upon Glasgow for over 2 hours. Amazing!

Not the usual couple of lightnings, rumble of thunder followed by rain - no - this was positively tropical. Lightening flashing from every direction, thunder rumbling and cracking, torrential rain - all at the same time and all for 2 hours!

I grew up in Cyprus - my parents in anticipation of childhood fears positively encouraged me and my sister to enjoy the Mediterranean storms as adventurous and fun - but I don't recall ever seeing anything so wild in Cyprus.

...back to knitting ...

So I finished the left hand sock last night [pictures to follow] - left hand? I hear you ask. Surely socks are uni-feet? Yes - but due to my reading the toe bit of the Opal sock pattern whilst watching TV I missed the bit that said 'Rnd 2 - Knit' after the decrease row.

Since my first attempt at socks [using Lana Grossa pattern] had a decrease every row [on alternate sides] I didn't think anything of it.

So I kept trying the sock on until I was [what I had calculated to be] ready for the toe. I did maths and everything!!

60 stitches - the 24 stitches the pattern says I have to knit to = 36 stitches.
3 stitches decreased every row = 12 rows.

Measuring tape - 12 rows = an inch.

So I knit til I had a inch left to go - then I put the pattern in front of me in readiness for the toe ... and spotting the miniscule 'Rnd 2 - knit'


*bigger sigh*

screw this I'm NOT frogging this again - it's only 12 rows - lets just knit it ignoring the knit round and see what happens.

And for once, the knitting Gods were smiling down upon me - for what I got [from pattern instructions 'knit to 3 stitch before stitch marker, k2tog, k1 slip marker, knit to 3 stitches before 2nd marker, k2tog, K1, slip marker, K1, ssk'] was a toe end with a distinct 'left foot shape'

Maybe this has been discovered before - but in my eyes - wow! look what I did! am sailing on a triumphant sea of luck and joy!

Just have to remember to reverse the decreases for the 2nd sock - which I cast on immediately to avoid SSS - and my feet will be laughing :)

And I'm off!

.... 5 minutes later ...

and back again ... surely even if I had added the alternate knit row a pattern with 1 decrease and one side and 2 decreases at the other would have ended up 'foot shaped' anyway? Just less pronounced.

But it doesnt say repeat as before except reverse shapings though.

...or maybe it does - my attention span when it comes to reading the pattern thoroughly is fairly short as can be evidenced throughout my blogs - a veritable catalogue of 'if only i had read properly, if only i had gauged ...'

Well - it matters not [where did that phrase come from - blogging sometimes brings out the 'English Country Garden' in me] - my sock looks good - it worked - I am happy!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday 3rd May

I'm still feeling pooey but I am ignoring it - I made these this evening [with packet mix but I'm proud!] I had to pick all the dark chocolate chips out of the mix [migraines] and add milk chocolate chips instead ...

I'm just about to continue with my sock - but first I need to finish my Secret Pal 8 questionnaire - I noticed that the TwelfthKnit has completed hers - A+ [humpf!] :)

Many thanks to my well-wishers - am still undecided whether this is hayfever or a cold but it is not impeding any longer upon my knitting!

Oh well - back to the knitty homework ...

Secret Pal Questionnaire

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
Favourite yarns to knit with are;
Natural Fibres : Merino, alpaca, cotton, lambswool, silk etc
Self-striping variegated sock yarns [washable yarns only]

Absolutely do not like;
Eyelash, feathery yarns, Acrylics - just not a fan , Novelty yarns, Scratchy wool [guess I am a yarn snob then...] mohair

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?
Currently all my straights are all in a pencil case style needle holder
Everything else is in varying pencil cases / pouches
All stored in a brown paper bag [very organised am I - its a sorry state of affairs really!]

3. How long have you been knitting? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
About 3 years
Intermediate - keep trying advanced but I end up frogging most of the time!

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
Yep - here's the link

5. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.)
Freshly cut grass, cranberry, chocolate, vanilla, fruity scents are nice but not lemon [cleaning products] Nothing too flowery or perfumed

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?
I'm always eating candy necklaces!
Fudge is yummy, milk chocolate is good
[My migraines mean I have to avoid the following;
Dark chocolate, white chocolate, oranges, aspartame [or any other articificial sweetners - pure sugar all the way!], too many artificial 'stuff' E-numbers and the like]

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?
I have dabbled in spinning - still go back to it every now and again
Dyeing yarn with Kool-aid - wanting to move onto 'serious dyeing'

Jewellery / stitch marker designing and making

8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
Favourite music:
Love world music - Chinese, Country and Western, Bollywood, Blues,
Just started to listening to Johnny Cash - and loving it.
Eighties stuff is cool
I have an iPod mini / iTunes - on my iPod
Girl Power: Christina Aguilera, Pink, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna
Soundtracks: Ghost World, Good Morning Vietnam, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Hip Hop / Rap / Metal / Rock: Eminem, 8 Mile Soundtrack, Metallica, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, DJ Format, DJ Yoda

9. What's your favorite color? Or--do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer? Any colors you just can't stand?
I'm always buying greens & browns
I like darker tones of pretty much any colours and earthy colours although I love brightly coloured accessories [scarves & hats] - that wasn't a helpful answer was it?

Really not a fan of pinks - or when variegated - too many different colours together - prefer either cool or warm palettes

10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
Living happily in Glasgow with a boy and a cat [who is never allowed in my yarn room /stash!!] Nae kids - nae thanks!

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?
Yes, yes [only ribbed plain hats suit], yes, no

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
Scarves, jumpers, armwarmers, socks

13. What are you knitting right now?
Really - you want to know everything I'm knitting now!? I have a progress bar at the edge ...

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?
Sure - that would be fun :)

15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
Straight [I am a pit knitter], although I usually work on dpns on the round as I can't find any short circulars in the UK - if I could get 30cm or less circulars I would like to try these.
Wood needles: bamboo, birch - current favorite is Brittany birch.

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?
Nope [what's a swift? ...]

17. How did you learn to knit?
My granny showed me when I was a kid then I didn't pick it up again for years.
Then I used a Stitch n Bitch book [and a lot of *blue* words] and managed to make the Hurry up Spring armwarmers.

18. How old is your oldest UFO?
About a year - grey and Kool-aid dyed diagonal-striped garter stitch scarf - instead of carrying the yarns up the side I have cut and knotted each stripe - now I have a 'mane' of ends which I can't face weaving in - I want to cry :(

19. What is your favorite holiday?
A yarn shop anywhere!

20. Is there anything that you collect?
Knitting needles
Knitting magazines
Knitting books
Beads / Jewellery findings

21. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?
Stuff in my Amazon wishlist + any magazines / books from outside the UK that I can't get or haven't yet seen.
Yarn I'm dying to get my hands on:
Socks that Rock - wow! esp. xmas colourway
Trekking XXL or crazy stripes
Some other wood needles would be fun to try - and circs small enough for socks [do these exist?]

22. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?
Intarsia - tried it a couple of times to no avail - the theory is there [much like with my driving lessons ...] but the doing is a different story!!
Crochet - this will be brand new with me - I have a pattern & yarn all ready to learn!

23. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?
Yep I'm a sock knitter! [yet to finish a pair though...]
Um... can i get back to you on this - I HAVE to post this or i'll never finish!

24. When is your birthday? (mm/dd)
06/06 - bit fearful of my birthday this year - falling on 06/06/06/ *gulp*

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday 2nd May

So this week I have been knitting more of my sock - and that's about all I've knitting really - my time has been taken up by being ill & 'work crafting'

On Sunday I came over 'all peculiar' and felt dizzy and faint. We were due to go through to Livingston for the boy's sister's birthday - in the end I stayed in alone. It was awful, I couldn't knit! Gah! Nor read, nor look at the internet!

Usually when I cannot knit, I can at least read knitting magazines & books or go online and surf about knitting in blogs, yarn online shops etc. I watched tv for what felt like my entire life - bored and alone :(

And I feel funny again tonight but I am forcing myself to get my blog done - it is chucking it down outside and I have an awful sore throat and headache - is this hayfever, or a migraine coming, or a stupid cold from the students at the library [maxed out on pro-plus and lack of sleep during their exam time]? Blah - all I know is that I can't knit my sock after I publish this, and I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself right now.

Just to pile another moan on in there - my Vogue Knitting International has not yet come through - despite everyone else getting their subscriptions through a fortnight ago- and the subscriptions dept are not answering my emails. humpf! they took my money soon enough though!

OK girl - cheer up! So Brenda Dayne's Cast-on this week mentions the coolest invention ever - knitting needles with little LED lights at the tips for knitting in the dark! I think these are for the cinema, but I see myself knitting in bed while the boy sleeps ....

Anyways, I'm going to publish this now and maybe come back later in the week with some more positive ramblings

Anticraft & Habu

Writing on my knitting ...

Having seen this on Anticraft *explicit* I'm filled with a desire to knit my sentiments / feelings onto something - a bag or a scarf.

I'm not sure I have the courage to be this explicit [although in my youth I was never this cautious] but I like the idea - perhaps something more humerous like 'I'd rather be knitting'

And on a seperate note - a fantastic new addition to K1 Yarns a limited edition paper yarn [see above - I cannot work photos on blogger ... they just dont go where I want them to!!]

It is truely amazing to behold - there are swatches and garments made up and K has even soaked a swatch in soapy water for a time to prove that it will stand up to water, and will not dissolve in a shower - a major worry in rainy Glasgow! [It is bucketing down as I type - hello migraine... *sigh* ]

Of the yarn on the left Habu Textiles website writes; "This is a "paper" yarn. A small pieces of linen paper is sandwiched between the nylon core. Very strong, yet adorable yarn."

and the yarn on the right; "This is a "paper" yarn made from 100% linen. It has a very thin coating of a viscose sizing, so feels crisp. The sizing is permanent, though it will soften with use."

Get it while it's in stock - I may get some of this for my SP if it seems to be his/her type of thing.