Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Anticraft & Habu

Writing on my knitting ...

Having seen this on Anticraft *explicit* I'm filled with a desire to knit my sentiments / feelings onto something - a bag or a scarf.

I'm not sure I have the courage to be this explicit [although in my youth I was never this cautious] but I like the idea - perhaps something more humerous like 'I'd rather be knitting'

And on a seperate note - a fantastic new addition to K1 Yarns a limited edition paper yarn [see above - I cannot work photos on blogger ... they just dont go where I want them to!!]

It is truely amazing to behold - there are swatches and garments made up and K has even soaked a swatch in soapy water for a time to prove that it will stand up to water, and will not dissolve in a shower - a major worry in rainy Glasgow! [It is bucketing down as I type - hello migraine... *sigh* ]

Of the yarn on the left Habu Textiles website writes; "This is a "paper" yarn. A small pieces of linen paper is sandwiched between the nylon core. Very strong, yet adorable yarn."

and the yarn on the right; "This is a "paper" yarn made from 100% linen. It has a very thin coating of a viscose sizing, so feels crisp. The sizing is permanent, though it will soften with use."

Get it while it's in stock - I may get some of this for my SP if it seems to be his/her type of thing.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

I got some. Hee hee hee - did you ever watch Wacky RAces? bet you're too young. If you did, just imagine muttley having a self-satisfied snigger. That's me and my Habu right now...

Kathleen said...

If only I weren't on a yarn diet, this would have been my next purchase. (Get used to hearing this line, it may be trotted out a few times over the next 90 days.) Sorry you're feeling under par Elaine. x K