Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tuesday 10th May

I had a lovely time at yesterday evenings Stitch n' Bitch meet - we were to bring along our favourite knitting books - I brought "At Knit's End" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and "Scarf Style" by Pam Allen.

"At Knit's End" always cheers me up as it's full of knitting mediations, quotes and observations about the addictive craft of knitting - I can relate to so much of this book. The boy bought me this for Christmas after reading the sub-title "Meditations for women who knit too much" - he believes for some reason that this is me....

I wondered aloud at last nights meet - why have I not met a knitter who is not utterly addicted to this craft? Why is knitting one of those hobbies where it is all-consuming? I am always either knitting, thinking about knitting, reading about knitting, writing about knitting, shopping for knitting [and knitting related items].

Scarf Style is the book from which I made these sleeves - I have bought the same yarn in another colour to do this again, as I loved it so much, and it really dresses up nicely. There is a blog for Scarf Style project - which I really must join and do other projects -

So J was telling about the blog-ring for librarians who knit - I think I had come across this earlier, but am determined to investigate further - whether they will allow a lowly library assistant into their flock is another matter - academic types can be funny this way...

I made leaps and bounds with my second sock last night - photos still to follow - camera's rechargables have run low since the thunderstorm picture taking fiesta ...

Ooh! I forgot to mention that the book at the head of the post is one brought in by J that I really love and have added to my Amazon wishlist.

And A brought in a fantastic retro knitting / crochet encyclopedia with the coolest illustrations and inspirational ideas within - she was working on a set of voodoo dolls [also providing helpful places to store dpns when not in use - stabbed into the dolls chest...] She has promised to upload the photos to her blog soon :)

Sock knitting seemed to be leading the way last night - with me, J, E, and L all working on socks.

Oh well that is me for this lunch time at least - maybe come back later and add the promised sock photos.

Update: Vogue Knitting International - they got back to me to apologise and send a replacement copy - which I could expect in 6-7 weeks [!!!!!] - I asked them why the extensive delay [are they not knitters? Do they not understand that I am on the edge of my seat waiting for this magazine!?] They replied that they were sending it surface mail ["$£%%^%$!!!] so I have cancelled my subscription - I can get them quicker at my LYS and would prefer to support my LYS anyway.

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Kathleen said...

As for your question about whether all knitters are addicted, I was lying in bed with DH the other night apparently looking rather pleased. He asked what I was thinking about. I thought "You, darling," would be more diplomatic than, "I've just remembered I have four balls of Rowan Kid Classic I could use for that shawl"!
Although I have been known to go through phases, I have never really got to know anyone who could 'take or leave' knitting. It can really become addictive and can be part of how you define yourself, rather than just a pastime.
(Sorry I missed the meetup on Tuesday- eyes too stingy with hayfever. Haven't seen you for a wee while, hope driving lessons are going well.)