Friday, November 25, 2005

Friday 25th Nov

So it's pretty much non-stop trying to get everything organised - I have about 15 iPod covers awaiting my [2nd batch!] of woven labels to arrive. [1st batch were too wide - live and learn]

But last night when i got home from work the pom-pom maker that I had ordered from artofyarn [eBay] only the day previous was sitting on the mat awaiting my return.

So I made a pom pom and packaged it up as a Christmas decoration - £1.65. It's all done and my first official sell-able item! Yay!

Everything has become about this stall - I eat drink sleep think this stall. the 101 million things that need organising to pull this off in a professional manner - this time next week it'll be over (til the 24th market). I'll have done my first ever stall - and no matter how it goes -whether I sell everything or nothing I'll be happy I'm sure.

It's a huge leap for me to do something so confident. I'm terrified out of my mind, and since leaving home/school and realising that no-one can make me do anything I don't want to - i have pretty much adopted the attitude of doing nothing that scares me. (Hence office secure job - nil satisfaction, maximum security.)

Am sitting here eating pick n mix - think the e-numbers getting in my head and making me 'deep'. will stop for a cherry cola bottle and publish this...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday 10th November

So I've been working on getting my stuff together to sell at a creative Saturday market in Glasgow.

I have to be ready by the 3rd December - there's so much to do! I have been working on my website

every time I think something's covered it grows another head!
iPod covers are the first thing I plan to sell - and possibly cushion covers too.

There's the tax man ... and all of that.
Stuff to buy: Receipt books, carrier bags, rubber stamps with my logo on, accounts books, packaging, display stuff, business cards, and so on and so on ad nauseum.

So I may not be about a lot at the moment ...

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Craftster Craft Challenge

...was to make something new and original with an old pair of jeans. Well it may not be the most original thing, but it was new to me. And I didn't just cut the legs off and make a bag out of that - I did deconstruct the jeans entirely and make a bag trying to be imaginative.

Lining - pockets and everything! See Bella project inside!
Button used as fastening for top of bag!
Back of bag - front jeans pockets sewn together to make extra-wide pocket.
Detail - goat cut out of red fabric and wonda-webbed and then sewn around the edges. Ribbon from VW Rouleuax [or however it's spelt!] with stars on red metal thread from the Artstore.

Craftster Craft Challenge

Monday, October 31, 2005


Went to Waterstone's last night [had an hour to kill until Broken Flowers started at the GFT since I mis-judged the clocks going back...] and bought FRUiTS - Japanese teenagers fashions - it's so so cool!!

Bit disappointed to find I have a copy with duplicated pages so I'm going to have to exchange it - but still got lots of ideas from it ***** <-- 5 stars!

I'll have to get the next one "Fresh Fruits"

Absent me

So I missed last tuesday's Stitch n Bitch at Mono - thanks to girls troubles - humpf!
Called boy to rescue me so I could go home and moan - knitting rows between spasms :(

All plans to go to Sunday's Tramway were scuppered by my desperate need to finish my project for Craftster's Craft Challenge - I was sewing until 1am on saturday night and all day sunday too. It's nearly done - pictures will follow.

Have also finished the back of Bella - started the left front today while waiting for HSBC's automated phone system to put me through to a live human being [who cut me off....] don't get me started!

I couldn't take the camera today since the boy needed it to email everyone his Joker halloween outfit from his weekend party (I stayed in sewing - rock on!)

That's it for now...xx happy knitting everyone!

Needle case in progress close up

I'm having picture uploading problems again and this is all that would upload - this is the inside of the needle case - the outside is brown cord material that I got from a sofa shop's closing down sale - it was the samples. I got tonnes of cord in various colours for £4 - bargain!

Hobbycraft purchases

Sequin yarn from TAJ Yarns

Funky stitch holders that don't required tranferring of stitches (I always twist them!) again from TAJ Yarns. Also free tape measure from Janome with my purchase of sewing machine needles [I also got a yo-yo but gave it to the boy]

Giant buttons - phone for scale - these will look fantabulous on my iPod covers that I plan to sell I think!

Square sequins and sari thread

I had such a good time at the SECC Hobbycraft and Creative Stitches last weekend! My mum and granny were down from up North, and I must add giant thanks to the boy - who stayed through what must have been a personal hell for him as I cooed over sequins, yarn and giant buttons! xx

Noro Aurora

Here's my Noro Aurora hat - I love the sparkles - very festive!!
Shall I make you one too Fi?

Lightning Bolt iPod cover

It works again!
Lightning bolt iPod cover for the boy - bolt made of felt and bonda-webbed on.

It's an experiment to see if it stays without sewing...

Friday, October 28, 2005


It's not letting me post pictures - ah!
Have I reached my limit?
How do I find out?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday 20th Oct

So I've started knitting this in olive green Rowan Cotton Tape - about 25 cm of left front panel done - can't wait to do the sleeves!

Nothing much else - searching for Noro Silk Garden in purple shades to make a hat for a friend - but the only one I could find that seemed entirely purples is discontinued i think. John Lewis has a shade that is purples and greens.

It feels like a friday, but is a thursday - that's always bad.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Does anyone know the opening hours of the Hobbycrafts thing starting on thursday? I can't seem to find any info.

added: never mind - I phoned the SECC. 10am-5pm thurs-sun

Tuesday 18th Oct

Finally getting a chance to update my blog! Busy busy yesterday, followed by office night out meant I haven't been here until today.

Well on Saturday was Katherine's sneek preview opening. I loved LOVED her shop! Spent a bit, but saved especially for the occasion and definately wasn't disappointed with the selection! Bought some Noro Silk to make a hat [see below] - a joy to knit with.

And some Colinette, that I knitted up cos I just HAD to see what it looked like. Will rip it out and wait for project inspiration to hit me.

Artesano Alpaca

Artesano Alpaca bought from Kath's shop for a scarf - design undecided as yet.

Noro Hat

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rowan Cotton Tape projects I want to do

Wednesday 12th Oct

Had a lovely time at last nights Stitch n Bitch at Mono - garlic bread and pint of cranberry juice was just what I needed after arriving with jeans wet to the knee for the downpour that Glasgow is currently under siege from!

Showed off my cosy shrug, which was lovely and warm and got much complimenting *blush*

I worked on an iPod cover for the boy [too tired to take photos... as below but black] - I just have to get some yellow felt for it. I'm going to cut it into a lightening bolt shape and sew it on zig-zag stylee using the sewing machine.

It's been so busy at work today with all the students needing help finding their feet with law that I'll probably fall asleep in the car on the way home. Such a transition from the summer when I get to sit on my ass pretty much all day!! I'm sure I'll find the strength to do a bit of knitting later though!

Almost hyperventilating cos I won 8 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape from eBay the day before yesterday (there are a few projects I'm thinking of, but the ones I really wanted to do needed about 10-12 balls.)

So today I saw some more being sold by someone else. I emailed her to check the dye-lot - and it's the same!! yay! So i can do the projects I want to do - if I 'win' - hooray!!

See above for the projects I'm wanting to do from It's a Tape thing (Rowan)

Monday, October 10, 2005


And I was feeling festive ... so I did some more spinning of my "Christmas" yarn, and knitted up what I have so far.

Humpf! All that spinning = about 5 inches (I knitted more after I took this picture!). I may need a wheel after all!

So I didn't get a chance to dye my yarn this weekend - cos I don't have enough Kool-Aid. So I'm going to work out tonight how much I need and order it off tomorrow.

I did think of the home page for my website though - without pictures it won't make sense, so i'll not try to explain it - but I'm pleased.

Och well - and off to try and finish the black fuzzi-felt scarf in a bid to make room in the stash box for the impending 8 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape that I just 'won' off eBay 10 minutes ago!


My weekend

So I finished my shrug - yay!
Will be wearing to tomorrow's SnB meet proudly - my first not-a-scarf item!!


and as a scarf!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

New Yarn Shop!!

So Kath's yarn shop "K1 Yarns" has it's grand opening on the 22nd October - yay!
See links for her site.

I'm so excited at the prospect of a new yarn shop in Glasgow.

Congratulations Kath!! My credit card and I will be visiting shortly :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ma bag...

As promised - ma scary first bag - bit messed up on the handles cos I sewed one of the handles from front to bag, before realising that they should have been sewn on the same side of the bag from left to right [like an 'n'] - rookie mistake...

Made a pocket though...

The first of many bags n stuff to come :)

Magknits mittens

Oh God... I'm so excited!

Have been going through various substitute options for the Cascade 220 that mittens need, and have just realised that Jaegar Merino Matchmaker Aran will be perfect - and I have 4 balls ready for Kool-Aid dyeing and 1 ball already dyed = enough yarn to make the gloves!

I can dye them an exciting colours and they feel soo good! And the yarn is a dream to knit with!

And it's from my existing stash so I don't have to wait or anything - I can just dig it out and start!

I am practically shaking I'm so excited - my weekend is planned -
finishing my shrug
dyeing the merino and starting my new project - yay!


These knitted vegetables are a bit nonsensical, however I have noticed them going for a mint on eBay for some reason. And also knitted cakes were featured in October's Marie Claire... curiouser and curiouser...

Ooh no... I like this ...
and these mittens...

And I just bought It's a tape thing by Rowan and was about to splurge on Cotton Tape for about 8 projects in it...

Too many projects - work totally gets in the way!!

Nearly finished my shrug - about 14 cms left on the neck and I can bind off and try it - still not sure if it's gonna work, but...

Speaking of work... grr... better get on I suppose!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Handspun yarns with sequins

Handspun yarns

Handspun yarns

Handspun yarns

Handspun yarns

Chainmail Scarf

Ok - So here's the olde worlde chainmail scarf that the boy has been nagging me for, for ages! Knitted last night [in 1 night!] with R2 rag in grey on size 15mm needles. Plain knit stich.

Wednesday 5th October

So I am still using this blog - Just too busy trying to finish my shrug. I fear it will be a disaster, cos I'm not quite sure I'm attached the pieces right, but will post pics anyway soon.

In the meantime ... thank you Anika is looking like a very good option for me. I'm looking into it, as I can upload my own designed pages [knowledge curtesy of evening class] rather than using templates. Watch this space for possible business start-up sooner than i thought!


Friday, September 30, 2005

Turtleneck Shrug clarified!

Thanks Kathleen :)

I think I finally get my shrug instructions with a little rearrangement of commas and adding of full stops it makes sense; (I know how to CO using the backward loop method]

  • Joining round (RS) work across 39 stitches on needles in established rib.
  • Using the backward loop method, CO 9 stitches.
  • With RS of other sleeve facing, work across 39 stitches from holder in established rib.
  • CO 9 stitches as before [backwards loop method] - 96 stitches in total.
Anyway - I will be back later to upload my latest crafty pictures - to work!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday 29th September

So I'm wiped out today - work was busy as it's the start of the semester - it's great when the new students come in and we can feel wanted and useful helping them to find their feet - but now I'm so tired I could just fall asleep, and tonight is my web design class. I have to leave in 20 minutes.

I took loads of photos of my mis-shapen handmade bag and hand-spun yarn, but I don't have enough time to upload them.

So instead I'll show you a picture of the beautiful bag that the boy has just got me from eBay - Yay! I'm sure I can fit plenty of knitting projects in it :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wed. 28th Sept.

So I've spent the day adding photos, and learning how to use my blog. Am happy now :)

I'm planning to start my own e-commerce business, and so have been attending web design evening classes to try and understand all this technology. Thought a blog might be a good idea to give me a bit more insight. To be honest the whole thing is a total mystery, but it's becoming clearer with each class.

I am planning on selling scarves, greeting cards, rebound books, recycled items [i.e. vintage tea-towels into totes, etc.].

I spent the bank holiday weekend trying to master my Singer sewing machine [given to me by mum - thanks mum! :) ] Did quite well, apart from a slight fiasco with the handles...

Everyone was very nice about it at last nights Stitch n' Bitch meet though :) A Design feature! [Will take photos soon]

Am going to pause for a bit to carry on with my Turtleneck Shrug [see above] - am reaching a confused bit of the pattern. If anyone can help? Please?! See below for pattern instructions.

I have one sleeve one a stitch holder, and the other on dpns working on the round, and then this;

"Joining round (RS) work across 39 stitches on needles in established rib, using the backward loop method [huh?].

CO 9 stitches, with RS of other sleeve facing, work across 39 stitches from holder in established rib, CO 9 stitches as before - 96 stitches in total."


My kitty's story

Just because he's so damn cute!

My rescue kitten Rommel [I know! An evil-ex named him!] He's my special baby, and was found frozen into the ice at the back of a pub. They thought he was a rat til he mewped.
Then they put drips in both his wee paws and nursed him back to life.

He was booted about by people, and (they think) left to wander out into the snow. [bastards!]

Anyway, now he is my special [indoor] kitty and well adjusted [ahem! OK so maybe not! but still, I love him!]

I got him when he was 12 weeks old, and he hissed at me for about 2 months...

So that's my baby :)