Monday, October 31, 2005

Hobbycraft purchases

Sequin yarn from TAJ Yarns

Funky stitch holders that don't required tranferring of stitches (I always twist them!) again from TAJ Yarns. Also free tape measure from Janome with my purchase of sewing machine needles [I also got a yo-yo but gave it to the boy]

Giant buttons - phone for scale - these will look fantabulous on my iPod covers that I plan to sell I think!

Square sequins and sari thread

I had such a good time at the SECC Hobbycraft and Creative Stitches last weekend! My mum and granny were down from up North, and I must add giant thanks to the boy - who stayed through what must have been a personal hell for him as I cooed over sequins, yarn and giant buttons! xx

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