Monday, October 31, 2005


Went to Waterstone's last night [had an hour to kill until Broken Flowers started at the GFT since I mis-judged the clocks going back...] and bought FRUiTS - Japanese teenagers fashions - it's so so cool!!

Bit disappointed to find I have a copy with duplicated pages so I'm going to have to exchange it - but still got lots of ideas from it ***** <-- 5 stars!

I'll have to get the next one "Fresh Fruits"


Anonymous said...

Hey - I think I'm knitting in that shade of NOro just now - a wee shruggy thing. Think I might also be getting a new spinning wheel for the big 4 - 0 at the end of the week.....:0)


soCherry said...

Hey India - hope you get your spinning wheel!

Christina said...

I LOVE Japanese fashion!

soCherry said...

I know! It's so cool isn't it? If you don't have this book - go buy it! It's the best inspiration ever!
If only I was 17 again....