Monday, October 10, 2005

My weekend

So I finished my shrug - yay!
Will be wearing to tomorrow's SnB meet proudly - my first not-a-scarf item!!


and as a scarf!!


Kathleen said...

Good for you Elaine. I looks great. Can't wait to see it live at SnB. Did you eventually get used to the Kid Classic then or was it a bit of a tussle?

spirals said...

whoa i love the shrug it looks great... what pattern did you use?

soCherry said...

Hey :) thanks
Yeah I finally got used to the Kid Classic - it's such a lovely soft yarn.

I just found it very prone to spliting, and a crying nightmare if I made any mistakes and had to frog. But it just makes for a bigger accomplishment once it's done :)

Hey Spirals - It was a pattern from a book called Scarf Style - I got my copy from Amazon.