Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Chainmail Scarf

Ok - So here's the olde worlde chainmail scarf that the boy has been nagging me for, for ages! Knitted last night [in 1 night!] with R2 rag in grey on size 15mm needles. Plain knit stich.


Kathleen said...

Hi, like the look of your handspun. The browny-greeny one reminds me of those chocolate mint sweets you used to get in the big jars in the newsagents.
Did you sew the sequins on?
Hope the chainmail scarf went down a treat. x

soCherry said...

Hey there :) Thanks!
Yep - the boy now wants a suit...

soCherry said...

Oh yeah... I threaded the sequins onto lengths of thread and spun them in with the fibre - the thread itself disappears into the fibres.