Monday, October 31, 2005

Absent me

So I missed last tuesday's Stitch n Bitch at Mono - thanks to girls troubles - humpf!
Called boy to rescue me so I could go home and moan - knitting rows between spasms :(

All plans to go to Sunday's Tramway were scuppered by my desperate need to finish my project for Craftster's Craft Challenge - I was sewing until 1am on saturday night and all day sunday too. It's nearly done - pictures will follow.

Have also finished the back of Bella - started the left front today while waiting for HSBC's automated phone system to put me through to a live human being [who cut me off....] don't get me started!

I couldn't take the camera today since the boy needed it to email everyone his Joker halloween outfit from his weekend party (I stayed in sewing - rock on!)

That's it for now...xx happy knitting everyone!

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