Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wednesday 12th Oct

Had a lovely time at last nights Stitch n Bitch at Mono - garlic bread and pint of cranberry juice was just what I needed after arriving with jeans wet to the knee for the downpour that Glasgow is currently under siege from!

Showed off my cosy shrug, which was lovely and warm and got much complimenting *blush*

I worked on an iPod cover for the boy [too tired to take photos... as below but black] - I just have to get some yellow felt for it. I'm going to cut it into a lightening bolt shape and sew it on zig-zag stylee using the sewing machine.

It's been so busy at work today with all the students needing help finding their feet with law that I'll probably fall asleep in the car on the way home. Such a transition from the summer when I get to sit on my ass pretty much all day!! I'm sure I'll find the strength to do a bit of knitting later though!

Almost hyperventilating cos I won 8 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape from eBay the day before yesterday (there are a few projects I'm thinking of, but the ones I really wanted to do needed about 10-12 balls.)

So today I saw some more being sold by someone else. I emailed her to check the dye-lot - and it's the same!! yay! So i can do the projects I want to do - if I 'win' - hooray!!

See above for the projects I'm wanting to do from It's a Tape thing (Rowan)

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