Monday, October 10, 2005


And I was feeling festive ... so I did some more spinning of my "Christmas" yarn, and knitted up what I have so far.

Humpf! All that spinning = about 5 inches (I knitted more after I took this picture!). I may need a wheel after all!

So I didn't get a chance to dye my yarn this weekend - cos I don't have enough Kool-Aid. So I'm going to work out tonight how much I need and order it off tomorrow.

I did think of the home page for my website though - without pictures it won't make sense, so i'll not try to explain it - but I'm pleased.

Och well - and off to try and finish the black fuzzi-felt scarf in a bid to make room in the stash box for the impending 8 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape that I just 'won' off eBay 10 minutes ago!


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