Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic update

A quick update - so far I have managed the Herculean effort of getting an mp3 cover a day on etsy. No further progress on the WIPs ...

But I have had a first driving lesson [only one stall!], worked 2 hours overtime in the library tonight, lost everything on etsy due to a hardware failure and had to relist it all, sold 2 ipod covers and done my books. and my 'yarn enrichment' full-time job... and moving flat ... *phew*

am exhausted!

thanks to all my visitors - comments left for me fire straight to my work email giving me a smile during those non-knitting hours.

Friday, February 10, 2006

jo sharp vest

Jo Sharp vest - no head cos am pulling 'drunk' idiot face [although have not been drinking...]
Thighs cut off cos zipper falling down and thighs the size of tree trunks...

iPod cosy No. 1

Olympics - 3 hours in

OK - so I've knitted the light fantastic ... I've just added my iPod cosy for the day onto etsy and seamed up the sides of my Jo Sharp mohair vest. [which made me cry]

I hate mohair and will never work with it again, but I'm liking the vest top very much, and I'm sure it'll be well toasty.

It was the worst of the WIPs so I decided to start with it. Just the straps to go - which are i-cord. Fortunately I have a magic i-cord maker so this should be the easy bit. I've never put mohair in it though ...


My knitting olympics challenge: *gulp*

1 mp3 cover a night uploaded onto my etsy site
ALL my WIPs finished!
[The hardest one..] NO casting on new projects til all WIPs are done AND seamed.

(Who am I trying to convince here!?)

Even harder since I got my beauticious new handpainted yarn today - it's delish! It also smells of vinegar so do I;
wash it now?
or knit it up then wash it AND block it (2 birds, 1 stone and all that)


sticks at the ready .... 18:00 hours
7 hours and 14 minutes to go...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My first sale!!

Just as i had fallen into a self-pitying sobbing mess to the boy "my work is crap, everybody thinks knitted mp3 covers are stupid, i'm untalented loser" etc etc etc... the boy checks my site and I have a sale!!

From America!! Woo-eeee! The best feeling! Am a happy bunny, and all motivated again after the pulling out all the Nano covers fiasco.

Knitting Olympics

I've decided to join the knitting olympics challenge:

My challenge: To knit as many mp3 covers as possible. I know this challenge may seem a bit silly cos I'm knitting things to sell - but I really can't afford to take that long away from 'business knitting' and then I thought it might be fun to see just how many I could do - try to upload at least one a night onto my etsy site.

And it will hopefully help my view hits = then my sales. *finger's crossed*

Monday, February 06, 2006

see the long sleeves!?!?!

Sandpiper - Colinette

Edit: Reply from Colinette:The Sandpiper pattern is knitted all in one piece. As you increase up the body the sleeve are formed in a "batwing" style, the pattern for the sleeves is integrated in with the body pattern.

ok so it honestly looks like a t-shirt right now, but I'm gonna have faith - finish the final 10 rows, cast off, seam and block the life out of it till it looks like the pic! pics to follow...

Original post: So I'm nearly finished the pattern for Sandpiper from Colinette in Tagliatelle - As it is an all-in-one knit jumper i've been knitting with blind faith - but now I am at the final hurdle ...

But where are the sleeves? The photo has a girl with a long-sleeved jumper om - but the pattern seems to be only for the body?



[seaming Jo Sharp vest ... on hold - can't face it]

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

hanpainted merino bulky from

wednesday 1st Feb

So I've finished the 2 sides of the Jo Sharp vest - my initial panic that it looked too small is diminishing now - it looks OK.

Seaming Jo Sharp rare Kid Mohair ... well - I have a feeling if my true [expletive] feelings on this were to be typed here alarms would go off at the IT department... Its a biatch, let's just leave it at that. There is some random hole which isn't a dropped stitch that needs tugged and sorted with a crochet hook, but the mohair is subbornly fused and giving me it's defiant little middle finger in triumph at my hapless efforts ... grr!

Anyway - hopefully a smiling photo of me wearing the 'little treasure' in the next couple of days will help me to forget the pain of this!

What else - an absolute determined effort to finish ALL WIPs before moving on... although when I couldn't get the SnB meet yesterday [thanks the to Subway being suspended? anyone know what that was about?] I ended up staying at work and waiting for the boy to get me.

"I'll knit while I wait" thought I ... $24 dollars later I have purchased some delicious merino bulky - see pic above from . I can't wait to get it!!

Well that's me - I've been knitting some iPod shuffles for a Craftster swap and am waiting for the girl to get them - I hope she likes them!