Monday, February 06, 2006

Sandpiper - Colinette

Edit: Reply from Colinette:The Sandpiper pattern is knitted all in one piece. As you increase up the body the sleeve are formed in a "batwing" style, the pattern for the sleeves is integrated in with the body pattern.

ok so it honestly looks like a t-shirt right now, but I'm gonna have faith - finish the final 10 rows, cast off, seam and block the life out of it till it looks like the pic! pics to follow...

Original post: So I'm nearly finished the pattern for Sandpiper from Colinette in Tagliatelle - As it is an all-in-one knit jumper i've been knitting with blind faith - but now I am at the final hurdle ...

But where are the sleeves? The photo has a girl with a long-sleeved jumper om - but the pattern seems to be only for the body?



[seaming Jo Sharp vest ... on hold - can't face it]

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