Wednesday, February 01, 2006

wednesday 1st Feb

So I've finished the 2 sides of the Jo Sharp vest - my initial panic that it looked too small is diminishing now - it looks OK.

Seaming Jo Sharp rare Kid Mohair ... well - I have a feeling if my true [expletive] feelings on this were to be typed here alarms would go off at the IT department... Its a biatch, let's just leave it at that. There is some random hole which isn't a dropped stitch that needs tugged and sorted with a crochet hook, but the mohair is subbornly fused and giving me it's defiant little middle finger in triumph at my hapless efforts ... grr!

Anyway - hopefully a smiling photo of me wearing the 'little treasure' in the next couple of days will help me to forget the pain of this!

What else - an absolute determined effort to finish ALL WIPs before moving on... although when I couldn't get the SnB meet yesterday [thanks the to Subway being suspended? anyone know what that was about?] I ended up staying at work and waiting for the boy to get me.

"I'll knit while I wait" thought I ... $24 dollars later I have purchased some delicious merino bulky - see pic above from . I can't wait to get it!!

Well that's me - I've been knitting some iPod shuffles for a Craftster swap and am waiting for the girl to get them - I hope she likes them!

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