Tuesday, January 24, 2006

jo sharp vest

progress ... odd photo due to wierd cropping techniques!!

Craftster swap armwarmers

Craftster swap

She wanted black and florescent pink armwarmers so I made these for her - hope she likes them!!

tuesday 24th jan

Yeah - My mum suggested some embroidery technique to create a hole - which would be fine if it was just for me.

But because I'm selling them I couldn't do it - I want them to be as good as I can make them - and that 'fake' hole would bug me.

I'm still knitting my vest instead - taking a bit more of a break from the iPod covers at the moment - knitting with cotton can be hard going...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday 23rd Jan

I had a lovely crafty weekend - I finished the armwarmers that I was making for a Craftster swap - I took pics, but will have to wait tiil tonight to upload them.

At Stitch n Bitch on sunday at the Tramway I worked on my mp3 covers. I was able to finalise the pattern for the Sanyo mp3 player to sell on my website soCherry - big thank you Kathleen! (Once they are up on the site you are more than welcome to request a free one as thanks).

I also just double-checked my iPod Nano covers on Nicola's Nano - All was well and good til she mentioned that the headphone socket comes out of the bottom ... a fact I hadn't realised...

Thank goodness I hadn't sold any yet, but now I have to frog them all back (about 15!) and add the headphone socket hole. Was v. sad about it yesterday and so ignored them for the rest of the day in favour of working on a personal project - my jo sharp mohair vest top instead. (2/3rds of front finished - pics to follow)

Will confront the pain of frogging after work today but I have had to extend the dates that I said these would be available on my site. Bugger!

I have also started selling on Etsy - a fabby crafty 'sell your wares' site. Everything must be handmade. It costs $0.10 to list something that will stay up for 6 months (or until sold) + 3.5% of any sale made.

At the moment I am selling in the UK only (as Business Gateway haven't got back to me yet re; selling internationally and the Inland Revenue's 'brief' guide is 55 complicated pages long!) but hoping to expand to international sales soon!

Check it out one and all - it's a delicious site, and buying handmade will make you feel good inside :)

Happy knitting folks!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Thanks for visiting me people :)

I was at Mandors last night getting some supplies for a Craftster swap (and supplies for another attempt at a sewing knitting bag for myself!) and I got chatting to Denise - who recently posted on meetup about their enlarging yarn collection.

It's expanded since the last time I was there, and she's ordered Rowan, Noro and Louisa Harding I think.

It's so good to see independent shops embracing knitting as I would much rather my hard-earned cash went into local business than chain stores.

Although (going off on a tangent) I was in John Lewis's last week waiting for a friend [who was 1 hour late causing me to spend approx £40 on yarn supplies!] and I got chatting to the Rowan consultant - who let me sit at her table and knit my new supplies. Another project on the needles....

She was lovely and hopefully should come along to the Sunday meet. I was chatting to Kathleen at the last meet about the difficulty I have had in getting advice from John Lewis staff however I hadn't really spoken to this woman before. So I revoke my previous statement about unknowledgable J. Lewis staff as she was most helpful :)

Gonna stop typing for a bit - got iPod seaming to do *sigh* seaming blows!

My granny showed me a much better technique when I was back in Elgin last weekend, but it doesn't work for iPod covers. But my other projects will benefit greatly - thanks granny!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Me at the stall

Wednesday 18th Jan

Happy new year!!

It's been knitting crazy, so much so that my usual blogging time at lunch has been taken over by a combination of website maintenance and seaming!

I have internet access at home at last tho, so should be about a bit more.

For Christmas I got £30 of vouchers for www.k1yarns.com from my lovely [long-suffering!] boy and SnB knitters journal from my folks.

Spent New Years Day cataloguing my needles, yarn and on the needle projects to add to my journal. It was great fun! I suppose it's the librarian in me!

I'm working on armwarmers in florescent pink and black for a craftster swap - in return I'm receiving some black armwarmers with flames running up them [a-la Jesse's flames from SnB] for the boy. Intarsia sucks and he's been harping on about them for an age!

Although at last nights meet Lilith kindly cleared the mud of intarsia for me so I may try it again. Thanks :)

It was a lovely evening (as all SnB meets are) at Mono seeing everyone for the first time this year. Laura had smoke coming off her needles, while Lilith is working with [virtually] long pins and teeny-tiny lace yarn for Arisaig from knitty.com

And then a yarn fairy appeared! The woman from Mr Benn's next door gave us a bag of odds n ends yarn which we had our heads in before she had even exited Mono! Thanks so much kindly yarn fairy :)

All in all a lovely night.

Starting to plan for the next SECC yarn/stitch heaven on March 9th. My mum is coming and we are going to have hedonistic mother-daughter crafty heaven! The boy is delighted to learn that he will only be serving as a taxi this time round, and not have to enter!