Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday 18th Jan

Happy new year!!

It's been knitting crazy, so much so that my usual blogging time at lunch has been taken over by a combination of website maintenance and seaming!

I have internet access at home at last tho, so should be about a bit more.

For Christmas I got £30 of vouchers for from my lovely [long-suffering!] boy and SnB knitters journal from my folks.

Spent New Years Day cataloguing my needles, yarn and on the needle projects to add to my journal. It was great fun! I suppose it's the librarian in me!

I'm working on armwarmers in florescent pink and black for a craftster swap - in return I'm receiving some black armwarmers with flames running up them [a-la Jesse's flames from SnB] for the boy. Intarsia sucks and he's been harping on about them for an age!

Although at last nights meet Lilith kindly cleared the mud of intarsia for me so I may try it again. Thanks :)

It was a lovely evening (as all SnB meets are) at Mono seeing everyone for the first time this year. Laura had smoke coming off her needles, while Lilith is working with [virtually] long pins and teeny-tiny lace yarn for Arisaig from

And then a yarn fairy appeared! The woman from Mr Benn's next door gave us a bag of odds n ends yarn which we had our heads in before she had even exited Mono! Thanks so much kindly yarn fairy :)

All in all a lovely night.

Starting to plan for the next SECC yarn/stitch heaven on March 9th. My mum is coming and we are going to have hedonistic mother-daughter crafty heaven! The boy is delighted to learn that he will only be serving as a taxi this time round, and not have to enter!


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hey - wondered what had happened to you! Can't make Mono meets because of Jordanhill - boo, hiss. Gonna have a look at all your pics - bet they'll be great.
India x

Midsummer night's knitter said...

No I won't - didn't realise they weren't links to pictures!

Kathleen said...

Yay! She's back blogging! I've been faithfully checking you out every couple of days. Glad you've got internet access at home now. x K