Friday, January 20, 2006

Thanks for visiting me people :)

I was at Mandors last night getting some supplies for a Craftster swap (and supplies for another attempt at a sewing knitting bag for myself!) and I got chatting to Denise - who recently posted on meetup about their enlarging yarn collection.

It's expanded since the last time I was there, and she's ordered Rowan, Noro and Louisa Harding I think.

It's so good to see independent shops embracing knitting as I would much rather my hard-earned cash went into local business than chain stores.

Although (going off on a tangent) I was in John Lewis's last week waiting for a friend [who was 1 hour late causing me to spend approx £40 on yarn supplies!] and I got chatting to the Rowan consultant - who let me sit at her table and knit my new supplies. Another project on the needles....

She was lovely and hopefully should come along to the Sunday meet. I was chatting to Kathleen at the last meet about the difficulty I have had in getting advice from John Lewis staff however I hadn't really spoken to this woman before. So I revoke my previous statement about unknowledgable J. Lewis staff as she was most helpful :)

Gonna stop typing for a bit - got iPod seaming to do *sigh* seaming blows!

My granny showed me a much better technique when I was back in Elgin last weekend, but it doesn't work for iPod covers. But my other projects will benefit greatly - thanks granny!!

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