Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday 23rd Jan

I had a lovely crafty weekend - I finished the armwarmers that I was making for a Craftster swap - I took pics, but will have to wait tiil tonight to upload them.

At Stitch n Bitch on sunday at the Tramway I worked on my mp3 covers. I was able to finalise the pattern for the Sanyo mp3 player to sell on my website soCherry - big thank you Kathleen! (Once they are up on the site you are more than welcome to request a free one as thanks).

I also just double-checked my iPod Nano covers on Nicola's Nano - All was well and good til she mentioned that the headphone socket comes out of the bottom ... a fact I hadn't realised...

Thank goodness I hadn't sold any yet, but now I have to frog them all back (about 15!) and add the headphone socket hole. Was v. sad about it yesterday and so ignored them for the rest of the day in favour of working on a personal project - my jo sharp mohair vest top instead. (2/3rds of front finished - pics to follow)

Will confront the pain of frogging after work today but I have had to extend the dates that I said these would be available on my site. Bugger!

I have also started selling on Etsy - a fabby crafty 'sell your wares' site. Everything must be handmade. It costs $0.10 to list something that will stay up for 6 months (or until sold) + 3.5% of any sale made.

At the moment I am selling in the UK only (as Business Gateway haven't got back to me yet re; selling internationally and the Inland Revenue's 'brief' guide is 55 complicated pages long!) but hoping to expand to international sales soon!

Check it out one and all - it's a delicious site, and buying handmade will make you feel good inside :)

Happy knitting folks!

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Kathleen said...

Hi Elaine, do you know any embroidery stitches like blanket stitch? Could you tease a wee hole at the bottom (of the Nano cover)and secure with a round of stitches? Worth a try before you frog 15 of the blighters.