Saturday, May 31, 2008

So tired ...

Roasting hot and sunny today so we made our way (along with the rest of Glasgow) to the garden centre to spend a fortune and prettify our little bit o'land.

Everything now hurts and it's an effort to lift my arms up to the keyboard - but they look pretty and summery and we are pleased with our efforts (except for my back, which isn't pleased, but instead is quite angry at all this unexpected activity)

Anyone know what these little yellow ones are and how we care for them? They began with an 's' and ended with a 'via' but the box had no instructions - they must have fell off somewhere.

In fact, if anyone knows anything about how to keep any of these flowers alive it would be great if you could pass on tips in the comments box or at mail [at]

Lovely pics taken by the boy :-)

PS Central Park Hoodie is complete - just waiting for some buttons and the opportunity to photograph - watch this space. I promise to try and not leave it so long next time.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Central Park Hoodie is flying and the Peregrine is sitting

It's been a lovely sunny Bank Holiday Monday today - the perfect day for sitting in all day watching true life TV movies, er and knitting! Central Park Hoodie is flying - I've done 1 and 3/4 sleeves, and seamed up the back and two sides.

We went back to the Falls of Clyde yesterday to see how the Peregrine Falcon was doing - sitting on her nest of 4 new-born ugly babies! The boy took this great shot using the telescopes and the camera - you can see one of the chicks under her.

AND ... I never bought any yarn at New Lanark....

I did however, buy this; Some lovely dyed-to-order merino sock yarn from old maiden aunt - I wanted sunshine on my feet, and she dyed exactly the right shade - I'm thinking a honeycomb cable pattern sock for this.