Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ravelry Day 2009

It was a dreich day on Saturday, and I was outdoors for all of it. But it was the best birthday ever! Loads of stalls full of yarn, dyes, buttons, fibres - just fab! I spent, spent spent, while the patient boy wandered around Coventry town centre in the rain. Thank you, the boy!

And then it got even better - I had a ticket to Meg Swansen's talk, which was inside, in the warm and dry. Above, a photo of the man taking photos of all the fans. Below, the talk was introduced by Jared Flood!

It was a great talk, and there were plenty of questions. I really enjoyed myself, and feel lucky to have been there, as I believe this was her first talk in the UK. And, she signed a book for me! So I spoke to her too- I was a little starstruck!

I thought it would be cool to run into the Yarn Harlot in Toronto, when we're there later this year, but after meeting Meg I realise that I would probably be paralysed with fear ...

At the end of a long day, it stopped raining at last. Just as the alpacas were being loaded onto their little lorry - attracting much double-taking from the locals.

I got so much - above:
Jamiseon's shade card - yum!,
vintagey Birds of Toronto book from the boy,
Hand Knitting with Meg Swansen and Knitting Around from the book signing,
Gathering lace from my mum (also from my mum, the cool Johnstone's of Elgin waterproof bag - which came in very handy!!)

An amigurumi book from Lynette - in English so I can finally figure out how to do it! I got some Japanese ones from Tokyo when I was there, but can't quite work it out.
Some buttons from Textile Garden - be warned, the website is very addictive!!
And the rest below;

Troon tweed aran, oiled in just lovely colours, from Texere's stall.

A bouncy bouncy birthday pressie from old maiden aunt!

184m of DK handspun is the most sumptious colours - an absolute steal from kraftykoala!

And 2 cones, one of Blue-faced Leicester aran, and one of 4ply lambswool, for dyeing. I also bought some dyes too.

As I said, the best day. Ever.