Friday, September 30, 2005

Turtleneck Shrug clarified!

Thanks Kathleen :)

I think I finally get my shrug instructions with a little rearrangement of commas and adding of full stops it makes sense; (I know how to CO using the backward loop method]

  • Joining round (RS) work across 39 stitches on needles in established rib.
  • Using the backward loop method, CO 9 stitches.
  • With RS of other sleeve facing, work across 39 stitches from holder in established rib.
  • CO 9 stitches as before [backwards loop method] - 96 stitches in total.
Anyway - I will be back later to upload my latest crafty pictures - to work!!


Anonymous said...

you know what would look really cool?, a knit scarf made to look like chainmail? Could you do that? grey wool in a chunky mesh pattern, man that would be wicked ; )

soCherry said...

Ok already! I bought the yarn - I'm making a chainmail scarf :) Maybe you'll get it in time for Christmas...