Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday 16th May

This is the sky outside my work window at the moment - I'm having to stay late so thought I'd do my blog here instead. By the time I finished typing that the heavens opened - typical Glasgow.

Listening to: "Time of My Life" Macy Gray (gonna add these in everytime a new song starts on my iPod)

So I admitted publically at Sunday's Stitch n Bitch group that I'm so excited about this years Big Brother - I confess! I love it! The boy loves it! We sit on the couch all summer and watch it together.

To me it signals that summer is here. Despite Glasgow insisting on remaining grey and rainy, Big Brother on the TV means that the sun is coming soon and that makes me happy.

Also when the boy and I started going out and were still in that uncertain phase it was a great was of keeping in contact without adding any 'clingy / where is this going' pressure. We would text each other latest goss - and news from our respective flats "did you see what X just did?!" That kind of thing - so Big Brother brings with it fond memories :)

Listening to: "Where did you sleep last night?" Nirvana

I've been trying to think of a good knitting challenge to undertake for the duration of Big Brother - I'm thinking an actual challenge would be to try and get my WIPs down to 1 complex and 1 easy project. To try and finish everything else on the needles. And to KIP as often as possible in the spirit of Big Brother having everything public.

Speaking of the boy - we are going to Barcelona for a few days in June - flying out on my birthday (terrifyingly 06/06/06 *gulp*) so obviously I am prioritising what needs to be done for our trip:
I have found the yarn shop "Barcelana" thanks to Madeline's blog (I hope you are enjoying Dundee) and am about to ring Glasgow Airport to check that my 2.25mm Brittany sock needles will not be taken from me (and they will have to take them - I'm not about to hand them over - and believe you me - 2 hours in London without knitting ... I will need valium!

Listening to: "Provider" NERD

Anyways - I am very excited! I have my Spanish phrasebook:
Como se va a Barcelana? - Where is Barcelana?
Lana - Wool
hacer punto - to knit
Tiene los calcetines lana - Do you have sock wool?
Cuanto cuesta el lana - How much is the wool?

Listening to: "What's going on?" - Cyndi Lauper

And I gasped aloud at work yesterday when I read these magic words on Get Knitted [my bolded emphasis]

Coming soon.......Brown Sheep yarns....Fleece Artist yarns.....Schaeffer......Noni Bag Patterns.....Anna Bell Designs........More Hip Knits.......Cascade 220 and fingers crossed later this summer 'Socks That Rock' ! That should keep all our needles clicking.

AAhhhhhh! Whoop whoop!

and thats me for today!


Madeline said...

Hi! Barcelana is very cool and in a nice area too.

Dundee is also rainy, but apart from that good so far! Except our tv doesn't work here so no BB for me. :(

Midsummer night's knitter said...

oh my gawd - I'll just hand over my bank details to Get Knitted right now...
PS We're still fond of you, even if you do like BB ;0)

Katherine said...

I'm almost hyperventilating with excitement over Brown Sheep! Brilliant!

Kathleen said...

Elaine, I can give you a few handy phrases for your trip to Barcelona next time I see you. The key is word order. I don't speak Catalan, sorry, but they'll understand if you use Castillian (Standard Spanish).
I hear it is a really vibrant place.
I am ignoring your news about getknitted until the summer is over. x k

persones llanes said...

Hi! I just came across your blog. I don't know how many days you'll be in town, but on the 10th we are getting together for World-wide Knit in Public Day. There are details (in Catalán, Spanish and English!)at www.personesllanes.com. Stop by if you're interested.

My boyfriend and I are also opening our new knitting shop that same day!

If you want any info (knitting or otherwise) on Barcelona let me know jennifer3266 (at) hotmail.com