Sunday, August 13, 2006

SP thanks :)

And I received my final SP parcel this week! Yay :)

Some beautiful Surina 8mm - nice and long for a 'pit-knitter' :) and some Australian 4mm needles "hand crafted from a unqiue blend of all natural materials to create the luxury and feel of real ivory" which look like a dream to knit with - I'll keep you posted. I've never seen needles like these before - see here for the website.

She also sent this poster entitled "Scots Fisher Girls Great Yarmouth 1902" which is inspired considering she is from that area and I'm a Scots girl. I have hung it up in my craft room above the table I work on.

Brilliant ideas - I am ever so grateful to you SP for all the hard work and thought that has gone into spoiling me. Despite my unexpectedly receiving a SP from England, I have received SP gifts that I would have never been able to get myself or even have seen before! She has gone out of her way to ensure that I am spoiled rotten - I can only hope that my SP is as happy as I have been with the SP experience...

Thank you again SP - I cannot wait to find out who you are!


Bobbi said...

Im so jealous. I love the poster! I'm glad that you are enjoying your SP match.

SP said...

Love those cupcake cases! The poster's quite something, isn't it? I couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled across it. I got one for me, too (and I also got myself some of the swallow needles, too: the website is really interesting, thanks for the link!) The SP spoiling me is amazing, as you'll discover when you track my blog down.