Sunday, March 26, 2006


I have succumbed to SSS...

Second Sock Syndrome ...

I cannot be arsed - as much as I loved knitting the first one the end result was not a sock that fitted me particularly well. It feels 'weird' It's alright... *shrug* but not the sunday socks to meander round the house that I desired.

So I cannot face frogging 2 weeks of solid work on the tiniest needles I have ever used, but nor can I face casting on the second one and giving them away to friends, family on charity. I hold my hands up - I am too selfish to give so much of myself away. I admit it!

I'm trying to upload a pic, but blogger just isn't having it!

I have also made one mitten from the sirdar fluffy stuff that i won on tuesday's snb, and finished my mesh scarf. Photos to follow- if the internet gods allow it!

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