Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Food glorious shokuryou!

Again, not much knitty content although, contained within my Japanese Christmas homework, I have to learn the word for Yarn. Not a problem! The 3 characters to the right of the diagram are 'Ke', 'i' and 'to'. Keito - which means knitting wool, and also condemned person, prisoner according to this online dictionary ... hmm...

Japanese food we made last night at Japanese - the top is Futomaki [thick rolls of seaweed with rice and filling], and the bottom two are Aburage [tofu envelope thing with vingared rice inside - left] and Gunkan-maki [similar to the Futomaki except they are made individually with strips and 'filled', rice first - right]

It was my first ever try eating Japanese food, and all the better for the fact that the teacher was making 'proper' Japanese food. I have to say the rice was more sweet than I expected, and the whole thing was way more filling than I expected.

Still not sure I liked it, but I am prepared to open my mind [and probably close my eyes initially] so that I can experience Japan properly, and not spend my time there nursing English tea in Starbucks like a sap.

I was apprehensive in Singapore when I went a few years back and have never tasted food better anywhere since!

A lot of my food 'fusiness' stems from just about everything giving me migraines, and a fear that language barriers will cause misunderstandings that waste my precious Japan time in a hotel bedroom with a migraine.

And a more 'traditional' cooking experience - Christmas Fruit Cupcakes with Brandy and Christmassy spices, from Cupcakes Galore. I couldn't find crystallised fruits in Asda and so substituted sultanas, since it was blowing a gale outside, and I couldn't be bothered to trail Glasgow. It's been raining here for about 100 years *sigh*

These are delish, and definately got me in the Christmas spirit!


Kathleen said...

Hey, your Japanese food looks fantastic, wish I could reach into the screen and grab a bite, I really like that sort of thing. Yum yum.

Anonymous said...

HAve you been to Ichiban on Dumbarton Rd, just at the bottom of Byres Road - they do great sushic - with/without fish
PS - you are wrong, It has been raing for several millenia

Mhairi said...

Elaine, am soo jealous, would love to learnJapanese and make Japanese good (use Miso soup sachets instead of stock, mmmm)
Shopping last Wednesday I left a bag in a shop - when I went back, thankfull they had it - all the Shop assistant kept saying was Sushi (small snack curtesy of M&S). When i got to Customer Services to get bag, again Sushi.
I think they expected some petite Japanese lady to reclaim the bag, desperate to eat the Sushi.
As for the rain - its almost at Tsunami proportions in Gourock, but still the Western Ferries keep crossing that River.

moosh said...

sushi is so easy to make! we had the same evening at our class last year - i am now addicted to plum wine!

meh-ri ka ri sa ma su!