Monday, October 30, 2006

30th October 2006

I have to think of more imaginative titles for my posts...
OK: 'I heart Yarn, I heart Yarn Magazines, and I heart knitting' will be the title of this post.

I had a lovely Stitch n Bitch meet yesterday. One of the members brought in a magazine called "Knit n Style". It contained an article called 'Mindless Knitting' about using knitting as a form of meditation. Now I've long been telling my doctor that knitting is a form of stress-relief for me. Whilst she agrees to an extent, she argues that yoga or meditation would be more effective as knitting is still engaging my mind and hands. Therefore it is not allowing me a total 'relaxation' - which I clearly need as I am 'highly-strung' to say the least!

I believe that knitting can induce a meditating effect - once I get into it I can start to drift and become lost in a zen-like state brought about by the repetitive action of knitting.

However, I never really thought about the projects I knit. Under the Hoodie for example - whilst being a stocking stitch hoodie - cannot induce a zen-like meditative state because I must remember not to knit too far, to remember the increases every 6 rows etc. etc.

What I need to do is have a project that is knit in the round with purl stitches - my favourite stitch. Perhaps with a thinner yarn, like the Artesano Alpaca that's been in my stash forever. Then whenever I feel the need to de-stress [those that know me will know that this is very often at the moment!] I can pick this project up and use it to unwind.

No iPods, no TV, no boy - just me in my craft room purling myself calm.

I can't find the magazine anywhere so far - I had hoped that Borders would still have some copies - but none left. If anyone has access to this article (or knows where I can get a copy) I would really appreciate a photocopy of it! I just got a quick read at the meet, and it wasn't really the place to totally absorb all the info.

On another note - following Threadless dropping his design - the boy has decided to join the ranks of the indie craftsters and has his own shop - selling 'I heart Yarn' totes, messengers, hoodies etc. We are thinking of buying 3-4 of the totes and selling them at the next Miso Funky market too!

This is what happened when I fell into Borders after Sundays meet looking for "Knit n Style" ... I've been wanting to get a copy of Bust forever and always seem to miss the window that Borders stock it for - but this time I struck gold! A brilliant magazine aimed at actual women, normal women. Including features like how to make an apron, how to gore up with make-up, lots and lots of indie adverts for Christmas shopping ideas and a "Ask Aunt Betty" for 'bedroom' advice that made me blush!

And hiding behind it, my favourite knitting magazine - Vogue Knitting International - yay! Haven't read through this properly but it contains the usual mountain of patterns to add to the 'in the queue' pile.

I don't even bother to update that portion of my sidebar anymore - there are so many works in the queue that it exceeds my life expectancy already!

Under the Hoodie continues - I am now onto the sleeves. I'm knitting both sleeves at the same time to avoid second-sleeve sydrome [a sister of second sock syndrome] and to ensure an exact match.


Ignoble Jen said...


The magazine is in the Argyle Street WH Smiths.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen Bust - will you bring it to the next Sunday knitting?
PS there isa book called 'Zen and the art of knitting' - don't know if it's any good or another bandwagon-jumper

Kathleen said...

Put my name against one of the totes if that all comes to fruition please my dear. x K

Katherine said...

I ended up subscribing to Bust as I always seemed to missing it in Borders. Great magazine!

Love the bag as well.

scarybez said...

There was a talk about knitting as therapy at the knitting day I went to a few weeks ago down south. I didn't go but I'll try and dig out the programme to tell you who was speaking if you're interested.

soCherry said...

Thanks everyone!
Jen -I had a look in WHSmith but they said they didn't stock it. So if anyone can help? :)

India-sure I'll try to remember to bring bust along

Kathleen - ooh thanks! :) will let you know,

Sarah - yes please - that sounds interesting :)
Elaine x

Anonymous said...

that's all I'm gonna say,

Karen said...

Hi Elaine, love the bags, mags and yarn!

I really agree with you about how restful knitting can be. If I can't sleep or am stressed (much more often than I'd like)I usually pick up some stocking stitch project and after a wee while I'm either really relaxed or falling asleep. Today,I got the lovely Rowan Felted Accessories pattern book and most everything in it is knit with stocking stitch in the round without many increases/decreases. I'll bring it with me on Tuesday and see if it might inspire some *zen* knitting sessions!

:) Karen


Jo said...

Bust is brilliant- I got sick of missing it so got a subscription. It works out about the same per copy as you pay for it in Borders.