Wednesday, August 08, 2007

and the next WIP ...

... is Pinwheel Sweater. Which had made it as far as the sleeves before I realised that I had an extra yarn over about mid-way through the 2nd yellow. I put it down very gently in the yarn room and closed the door on it for a day or so until my emotions had moved past wanting to set fire to it.

There is really no way around an extra yarn over with this kind of pattern - an extra yarn over in Icarus was resolved by a darning needle and some matching yarn. With Pinwheel however, this makes the segments have unequal stitch numbers, and the cool funky twisty-turness of the segments means that any plan of dropping down to fix such errors are impossible.

I took back out of the room and glared at it for a couple of days over my Summertime Tunic [simply round and round stockinette] but the yarn over remained defiant and glared back.

And so, I took a darning needle and threaded contrasting yarn a row below to make an after-thought lifeline [since this worked so well with Icarus]. It was mighty hard around the yarn over bits. Then I frogged back. Quickly.

Now I'm at the start of colour 3 again.

There also would have been shots of Rogue [up to row 9 of the 1st chart] however I made a big mistake in the cables which a bit of patient tinking probably would have resolved. Coming so soon after the Great Pinwheel Yarn Over Fiasco however ... Well, Rogue didn't stand a chance. It was frogged and rewound into balls smartly, like removing a plaster - before the realisation of another frogging sank in.


Amanda said...

I love the colours that you've chosen for this project, they are beautiful!

Can't wait for Rogue's time-out to be done with so I can admire that project too (it's on my list for this winter).

Flavaknits said...

Breathe deeply , then scream.... the Pinwheel colours are lovely, and it seems to be knitting up quickly, so hopefully the pain will pass soon!