Sunday, August 26, 2007

Latest Wips

*emerging blinking into the sunlight from Ravelry* yep I'm still here. It's taken a while and I'm only 3/4 through uploading my stash, 3/4 through uploading the WIPs, and barely 1/1000 through uploading the queue works.

I've been having fun with swaps, and chatting on the forums.

Anyways, back to knitting [and crocheting this week] - I've been motoring on with Pinwheel Sweater; I'm loving the colour choices. I had hoped to have this as part of comfy, cosy plane outfit but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen now.

Luna Moth has stalled for the moment.

Miller's has given up on trying to sell yarn, and everything is bargain bin. Picked up six balls of Sirdar Click [it has some wool in it...] for 50p a ball - thought it would be perfect for a wrap for work as it is machine-washable. This is one of the stitches from Ripple Stitch Patterns called Delicate Lace.

I love crochet for the fast return - I started this on Friday evening, and have been working on both it and Pinwheel. I'm on ball 2 already!


Rosie said...

Love the colours of the pinwheel. Only 1k places or so away from Raverly now, sigh...

Flavaknits said...

My you're charging ahead with the pinwheel, mine has kinda stalled, but I'm getting back in there. Colours look great - not long now to Japan, have fun!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hope your caffeine withdrawl eases up,

sienna said...

The pinwheel is gorgeous!! (did you know that one is on my to-do list too?) I've had the yarn since the Spring but opted to do the Central Park Hoodie first, and leave the pinwheel for the Fall. Crazy. I guess I'll just check out your blog from now on to see what I should be working on! :) Have a lovely trip!