Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm here!

Yep - we made it!! I'm over-stimulated to the max so I'll probably not make a lot of sense...

Seen so many things in the last day that it would take a year just to document it all. The top pic is the arrivals board at Narita Airport. The 2nd pic is the Welcome to Japan sign. We were delayed by over 3 hours in Amsterdam which made it quite hard going initially.

First stop [naturally] was Tokyu Hands. We've only scratched the surface of this immense amazing shop - a pic of my new goodies above: Some felt buttons, cool Kana and rabbit stickers, lots of Japanese pencils advertising sweets, an amigurimi [sp?] how-to, a knitting pattern book, and a Clover bag-making template thingy. Just so cool!

They also had earthquake proof sticky stuff to stop your TV falling during quakes, with accompanying simulation earthquake display to prove it ... *gulp*

Also bought a big transparent umbrella a-la Charlotte in Lost in Translation - I've always wanted one and they're everywhere. Quite useful as it's about 30 and really humid with rain showers every now and again. Fighting off a migraine but trying not to let in dampen my spirits. Typhoon due in on Thursday...

One of the streets of Shibuya.

We played for a while in the crazy saccrine-sweet, smoky, noisy, coloured-saturated game arcades. Got a few pics before a woman came over shaking her hands in the 'no camera' international sign language. Bowed and sumimansen'd my way out of it I think.

I didn't win anything - even when the Sega guy took pity and came over bowing lots, opened the case and repositioned all the cuddlies to give me a better shot!]

Also got some fab photos together in those booths where you can pic your background and everything - it turned out really confusing though so I had to ask a schoolgirl for help [my Japanese is doing OK - made myself understood quite a bit - yay!] In the end there were 5 of them all gathered around the booth waiting for our photos to come out. It was fairly embarassing as we couldn't really say anything except 'thank you so much'.

Then we had lunch in a park ... can you believe this - I was totally sold on the marketing!
Having an immense time - loads more photos to upload and things to tell. The food issues are OK - there are 7-11s and mini-mart type things everywhere. It's about 6pm here at the moment so we're going to think about somewhere to eat now.


Rosie said...

Wow! Keep having a fabulous time.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Have the best of times!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to Tokyo ok, our time in Toronto nearly done as we fly back in approx 48 hrs time. Went to "Lettuce Knit" and met 'Denny' or 'Deny' on the blogs. I have got over 2000g of wool so far, maybe one more shop to go (groan from your dad). Will email with more news when we get back.
Luv Mam xx

heather said...

It looks amazing Elaine - so glad you're having a good time. Can't wait to hear more about the fabulous yarn & crafty things shops !;0)

julia said...

it all looks amazing,hope everything is living up to expectations...and more.