Monday, October 06, 2008


Well, we made it; we were on TV tonight (UK readers click here to watch - about 4 mins in) *gulp* I can't believe how cool it looks - everyone looks great! I'm so embarrassed, but so excited too, that we were featured.

In other knitty news, Rogue is going well. I'm so stunned that I made this cable - I'm knitting blind really, as I'm not experienced enough in the cable chart to know what's happening. It's a bit like one of those magic paintings that you paint with plain water, and all different colours appear as if by magic. Wonderful cables are appearing; twisting and turning over each other.

I've also been knitting more of my Ker-azy, madcap Kool-Aid-dyed hot water bottle cosy. It fits a treat, and it's fun to knit something in this fizzy neon.

In the spirit of kitchy bright fun, I also got a pressie from the boy - this fabulous Kawaii charm bracelet, with Gloomy Bear*, Hello Kitty, a little deer and all kinds of plastic joy. He got it from a collective of designers, who have a virtual eBay presence here.

*link not child friendly

Finally, a thank you to everyone for their comments to my last post, in person, and in my blogs. And thank you to Kirsty for her response also. The whole thing left me feeling a bit blah about my blog for a bit - but I'm back again, and have plenty more knitty joy to share I'm sure!

And finally, finally! I have no idea what's going on with the formatting of this post - it's all over the shop and I'm too tired to fix it! Ravellers who come in via the friend blog bit of your notebooks; everytime I publish, change and republish does this appear as multiple blog posts from me in that list?

The last finally, I promise! There was to be a cool pic from our gardening sunday but the boy has forgotten that he promised to retrieve it from his camera phone because Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox has temporarily removed him from reality...


Paula said...

I've just watched the segment and everyone came across really well. It was too funny seeing everyone on film.

Rogue looks brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Wow - the Five Thirty show clip is fab! Have only watched it with the volume off so far (am in work and PC has no sound card) but will enjoy the full experience later at home. The 'Force' scarf looks fantastic by the way! Erica

Kathleen said...

Ditto Erica, your Force scarf was a real star!
I am loving the colour you're doing Rogue in, it's gorgeous, so rich.
BTW when you update or edit blog it doesn't come up as a repeat on Rav, just once. Just as well really as I usually have about nine goes to site the pictures remotely like I want them. x K

Rosie said...

You're a star! (The only time I was on telly I was being interviewed about frogs. I love frogs, but am happier talking about knitting).

Anonymous said...

WOW! That clip was amazing - you all did great. I'm so proud of our meetup group! See you soon.
Sarah x