Friday, April 17, 2009

Hat trick

I got home from work tonight to a surprise - I won a competition! A pattern book: Rowan's Organic Wool Collection (Rav link) What a great start to the weekend!!

And lookee - a finished object!! Some gloves with Fyberspates Merino/Tencel sock yarn and the Web of Wool glove pattern.

I liked it so much, I've started another pair in some more sock yarn - this time dyed by Ysolda. I've followed Julia's knitting rule - you can cast on something once you've cast off three works in progress.

I cast off the never-ending scarf, and the gloves, and also Luna Moth shawl in Handmaiden SeaSilk (when I say cast off ... for the last project I actually mean pulled off the needles and made into pretty balls of yarn once more. It just wasn't working, and with the yarn costing £18 a ball I wasn't prepared to let it's destiny be a shawl I merely felt 'meh' about)

So where is the never-ending scarf?

Well, to be honest, I'm sick of talking about it, and sick of thinking about it. It's still to be blocked, and that's going to take 1,000,000 pins and probably my thumb pads too. So I'm just enjoying myself for a bit before I get back to it!

Some squirrel high-jinks in Kelvingrove Park.


Paula said...

The gloves look great and well done on your win.

Kathleen said...

Good for you winning the competition, it's nice to know they get won by **real people**!
That squirrel looks so cheeky, looks like he'd easily run off with your new gloves.
Glad to see you're getting to grips with your new camera. x K