Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We were wandering around Kelvingrove Park this morning taking pictures of all the pretty 'Spring is in the Air' flowers that have burst forth when ...

... ever so quietly, so we never heard them coming ...

... the Glasgow Pigeons re-enacted The Birds. 'Twas a bit spooky.

In other news, I am thinking of Christmas already with the arrival of a Bookmooch pattern book. These are so cute, and knitted in a chunkier yarn, so probably the best first attempt at colourwork. If I start now I might be done in time for Christmas!

After all, I only started Rogue in Sept 2008 (the second attempt. Prior to that, my first attempt had been around for more than a year.) OK! So really I started Rogue in around summer 2007.

And I've now caught the bug - it's a surprisingly quick knit once you get into it. I'm loving the cables - the detail is from the waist-shaping. I'm at the back now and can't wait to see this all come together. The yarn is a lovely boingy Blue-faced Leicester aran-weight from Texere yarns, and is just yummy.


Paula said...

Rogue looks great.

Flavaknits said...

Rogue looks fab! Love that yarn shade.
Pesky pidgeons , rats with wings really!