Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Well it's been over a week since my last blog update ... those who know me will know that issues in my personal life have been taking their toll of late. The stress and sadness have led me to cancel driving lessons, my stall [for this month anyway] and also to lose the ability to accept that my bank is not an empty vault of cash. Oh yes, in order to cheer myself up I have been yarn shopping on an unprecedented scale ...

The yarn above however, was won in a Pass the Parcel game at my Stitch n Bitch meet. It is a Shetland wool that is still oiled and requires a wash in Fairy Liquid of all things. Whether this is after knitting or not I am unsure - can anyone advise? Thank you to Gloria for donating this lovely lovely yarn - which is a much nicer shade than the camera can capture.

So what have I bought? Well ...
Online: A Texere catalogue [I will try and remember to bring this to the next meet - pictured above and below], the latest Vogue Knitting and Knitsimple, and a Rowan membership.
By phone: the boy has bought me for my Valentine's pressie - a subscription to Knit1 and Knitsimple.
In person: [K1 Yarns] Brittany 5mm dpns, Noro Knits pattern book, a K1 Yarns bag, and 2 balls of Olive Green Artesano Alpaca Inca Cloud for the hat I'm knitting.
[HK Handknit] 2 balls of creme Lana Grossa yarn for an Aran hat, 2 balls of Noro Silk Garden #8 [for my sister for armwarmers and so doesn't count!], another Clover Row counter as mine has walked. There is also an £11.80 on the receipt but I have no recollection of what I bought...

I am trying to restrain myself from getting a Vogue Knitting International subscription and am going to try really really hard not to buy anything knitty related this month.

Has this made me any happier? Well of course! It is yarn, or yarn-related after all. But really I will not be happier unless I resolve the issue at hand - and I don't feel strong enough at present to tackle it. To those that know .. despite ongoing tension on my part, things have been OK so far this week. Unfortunately I cannot speak freely about this issue on a public blog I'm afraid - I'm not just being secretive to be mysterious and annoying.

Onto happier subjects - Central Park Hoodie is coming on quite well. Almost finished the right front and then I can begin the sleeves. After this the hood and ribbing home stretch! I haven't yet added buttons to anything and so am looking forward to encountering this new skill.

[edit] I nearly forgot to mention - the ribbing issue in the last post - not an issue. I was just looking at it without 'looking at it' properly. There was no need to frog after all. And I measured the pattern size diagram against a cardi that is perfect on me, and it's bigger - yay! all's well and all that!

And a wee final note; a great UK website mentioned in Vogue Knitting - Office Lendorff - a genius way of combining my two passions of knitting and gaming!


scarybez said...

Poor Elaine. Hope the yarn binge is helping a bit with whatever is going on. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
Sarah x

tigerlilith said...

poor you... hope things look up soon. in the meantime remember i'm only a text or an email away - i may not be a yarn shop but maybe i can cheer you up! :) xoxo

Rosie said...

sorry to hear life is so stressful at the moment...hope you can lose yourself in your knitting as often as possible!