Monday, January 29, 2007

The green frog question

In case you're wondering about Central Park Hoodie - here is the left front [back & right front done]. 4 inches of rib equals 30 rows. So I finally got to the stage where I could begin the cabling when I realised that I should have started with k2, not purl 2... The dilemma begins. To knit an extra row and say screw it? Or to frog it and begin again as I simply have to have all my rows the same to make seaming easier?

Throw into the dilemma that I have been gaining weight of late, and am now thinking of going up a size, and also making this longer so that my bum isn't on show everytime I sit down. There's nothing like 2 inches of bare love handles hanging out going numb in the aircon to make me feel depressed and self-concious. *sigh*

I want this to be a hoodie I love, not one that makes me feel fat.

This of course means I have to see if the yarn shop has another skein as then I would be one short. So I'm putting this down and glaring at it periodically whilst eating more chocolate to make myself feel better.

More green rib - another Noro hat - this time in Artesano Alpaca Inca Cloud [2 strands together] - to pass time while I decide what to do about Central Park Hoodie. Upon reading a copy of Dominitrix at yesterday's Stitch n' Bitch meet, I discovered that alpaca is not a very elastic fibre, and so is probably not really suited to a hat ... *double sigh*

And so I pick up a WIP last seen here. One sock down, one to go. Clearly the knitting gods are directing in the path of the many many unfinished WIPs ...


Kathleen said...

Hiya, I followed your link and the erratum for row 2 is *K2 P2 rep to end.
Doesn't that mean that row 1 is *P2 K2 as you have done?
Or am I missing something? Stitch count or something?

Flavaknits said...

Reading your entry today , made me want to say "whats up Charlie Brown?"
You know when he goes to kick the ball, and Lucy is meant to be holding it but she moves it at the last moment, and he ends up on his back, and just gives another SIGH!
Had one of those days too , but nothing to do with knitting.
Am liking the socks you are doing - btw, have made two hats with Alpaca.
The Artesano stuff is okay, but probably needs to be washed to put back into shape after a wee while(monthss).
Used baby alpaca and the same thing, but goes out of shape much more quickly(month). (lucky I made it a bit tight!) I have bought same shade of Artesano and looooooove it.
Ramble over!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hope you have a good week,