Sunday, January 21, 2007


No knitty content as I'm so ill I haven't knat a stitch all weekend. I did however go and stand in the Asda carpark to witness the demolition of the towerblock used by Sony to advertise their Bravia HD TV. Check out the picture I took above - I'm so pleased with it!

The camera has a continuous setting, and will take 16 shots one after the other - I can't believe my luck that standing to down all fitted into one continuous pic - if it had ended too soon I would have lost bits.

Click it to get an enlarged version.

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Rosie said...

That's amazing. How long did it last? Get the feeling you must have been clicking fast and furious.

Kathleen said...

Brilliant photography. Where was the block of flats?
Sorry you've been ill this week :-(

Flavaknits said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!
Saw the demolition on the news - didn't realise it was at Toryglen.

soCherry said...

Thanks :)

My camera did most of the hard work - it takes continous shots for fast action - it took about 3 seconds for the building to fall I think.

It was in Toryglen next to the Asda

Elaine x

CatherineNiven said...

Wow i love that photo! I hope you are feeling better. x