Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blogging Fever

I have blogging fever ... it's official! After my long festive blog-break I'm back and just can't stop wittering on. Well today it's about my knitting, all mine. I'm knitting for me, me, me and loving it! Under the Hoodie has grown and is now in the seaming stages. I meant to take more photos along the way but was lost in the moment. If you get lost in the moment during the seaming stages then it must be grabbed, as these are surely the most dull parts of knitting.

Well maybe not seaming - which I actually enjoy since my granny showed me how to do the 'magic hidden seam' [or mattress stitch as it is more commonly known] which never fails to amaze me, as my seams just disappear into the fabric - gone! Nothing!

Weaving in ends though - that makes me want to cry. I have to do them slowly. Weave in 2 ends, then a couple of rows of Central Park Hoodie alternately.

Below is the arm sewn in - I still have to seam the arm and side - the pattern said I had to sew in the seams first - and as a total jumper beginner I obeyed to the letter.

Not with the shoulder join though [below] - I kept these stitches live on stitch holders and did a 3 needle cast off for this lovely look - right sides together by the way if you attempt this. Swollen with pride at my own cleverness so early on in my jumper knitting career [only 2 badly mis-shapen jumpers precede this one] I failed to think it through slowly, and did it the wrong way round at first.

And the hood - also a 3-needle cast off - very pretty and just like a pixie! I am swollen with cold and look like crap so modelling shots will have to wait for now. Any day now for the first FO of 2007 - whoop!


scarybez said...

hehe - if you've got blogging fever then I've got commenting fever!

Just wanted to leave a quick note to say I think your jumper looks fab - can't wait to see it in real life (Sunday?). I'm also very impressed by your seaming. Despite carefully following the instructions in my S&B book it never seems to look as good as yours does.

Kathleen said...

Bootiful! I love it.

rachel iufer said...

i found your blog from the cph kal, this sweater looks great! excellent job! does this mean that you'll pick up the CPH again? can't wait to see that too :)

mary said...

ohhh that's a reallly really cute hoodie!!!

thanks for commenting on my cph!

but wow, this sweater is really cute! oh no! i might have to make one :)

LaSandri said...

I've been dying to make this hoody! i am easily discouraged from sweaters but yours looks so good that i think i might just! :)