Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Noro Hat - 2nd FO of 2007

Finally I am well enough to knit! A flooding washing machine led to an afternoon off work knitting another Noro hat - this one for my sister with the remnants left from the Christmas scarf I gave her.

I doubt that there are many customers who respond as positively as a knitter on finding out the plumber will visit between 1pm and 6pm. Suddenly a flooding kitchen disaster has the positive side effect of an afternoon off work to knit!

Pattern from Simply Noro using Noro Silk Garden colour #8.

I have made this hat loads of times, and always vow to knit it in the round the next time, but actually I am always so amazed by the magic of mattress stitch that I actually enjoy seaming, and I prefer knitting flat to knitting on dpns if the needle size is quite large.

Speaking to my sister last night - she is still knitting! whoop! She taught herself how to cast on and knit using a magazine with no knitters around to help. Knitting is clearly in her dna.

The beginner's knitting magazine [monthly] she is using introduces a new stitch with each issue and yarn to make a square - then all the squares eventually get seamed together to make a blanket.

As she is a newbie knitter I don't want to scare her but I suggested not casting off the square and just adding the new ball so that she makes stripes - less seaming! She thought this was quite clever. She hasn't encountered seaming yet, and I fear that it will cause her bolt!

Mentioning a kniting group that she could join however ... a step too far! Stitch n' Bitch are still a step into 'geekdom' for her yet. But soon ...

And so ... onwards to the Central Park Hoodie. Left front ribbing is nearly done.

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