Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The final festive post

A couple of shots from the journey up North to see my folks - the top one is lying fog in Pitlochry, and the bottom is the mountains on the way.

Raspberry brownies for our Christmas day dessert - made by adapting the walnut brownies recipe from Cupcakes Galore. [Just replacing all mention of walnuts with equal amounts on raspberries!]

Served with raspberry and cream mash, raspberries, cream drizzle and a snowflake shaped icing sugar stencil [stencils bought from Lakeland] mmmm... delicious!
So tasty in fact that the boy never even noticed that there was a snowflake on his cupcake...

And on a knitty subject - I've got a callus ... from knitting [I very kindly didn't include a picture]! I'm a hardcore knitter now! On my pinky finger - at first I thought I was a wart or something, and never having had anything like that, I freaked. The boy alerted to me to what it actually was. All the [lucky] knitters at my Stitch n' Bitch will get to see it :)

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the craic girl said...

Hello mrs

I got a callous from texting too much. At least yours was gained from more gainful persuits.