Sunday, January 07, 2007

Secret Christmas Projects No. 2

This is the 2nd pre-Christmas project - a Noro Silk Garden [colour number 8] scarf for my sister - knitted in a 4x4 rib with a cable running up one side [crossed every 10 rows]. The cable was for me really, to avoid the tedium of a scarf in rib - but it looks quite good once the scarf is blocked wide and it's more visible.

The pic above is the scarf drying the night before the journey up North ... I tried blocking it between towels on the bed, but it just wasn't drying quick enough. Lilith suggested putting it over a drying rack and aiming a fan below - the blocking went a bit pear-shaped here, with little pointy bits where the clips held it to the dryer, but at this point all I cared about was that it was dry enough to wrap...

She loved it - and asked for gloves too. Not a knitter - my sister sent me the most exciting text the other day - she has taken up knitting, and was 4 rows in!! It's the delicate stage where I want to rush at her with cashmere and bamboo needles, and all the beautiful knitty things out there to keep her interest peaked. The beginning stages of learning to knit are a fragile time I think - getting the hang of it leads to tense shoulders, stiff hands and fingers, and frowning foreheads. She just has to persevere through this to the point where knitting becomes a lovely calming experience that can be done whilst travelling, watching TV, meeting knitty friends etc.


Kathleen said...

I love that assymetrical cable you know. It makes it so funky.

Mhairi said...

Both of your scarves look divine - lucky recipients!
Sending knitty wishes to your sis - hope she enjoys knitting soon!