Thursday, January 04, 2007

Secret Christmas Projects No. 1

Finally I get to share the 2 pre-Christmas projects I was working on! This one was for my mum. Knitted out of Posh Yarn's Henrietta [which doesn't seem to be available any longer] - if my memory hasn't failed I believe it was a Cashmere, Angora, Merino blend. It was a DK weight and utterly utterly sumptious!

After all my substituting research for some reason I completely failed to even check the yardage of the pattern ['A Scarf of Your Very Own - Bright Yellow' pattern by Ann Budd, from Interweave Knits '11 Favourite Scarves' supplement from the Autumn or Winter? 2006 magazine ] and managed to buy double what I needed. The scarf was finished with 150g - but all ended well as my mum loved the scarf and fancied making herself some gloves to match - so I have sent her the remaining 150g.

The pattern was a dream to knit with - although it was my first chart, and there was definately something awry with the even numbered rows of the charts. They didn't seem run from left to right, nor right to left, but rather an inconsistent combination of the two! Fortunately is was fairly easy to see what it should be, and I rarely needed the chart for the even rows.

I'm not sure if my rather poor photographs truely illustrate the cool-ness of this pattern - I have to say that they were rushed photos before we left for the journey up North at 8 am - the sun hadn't risen yet. I finished this scarf somewhere near Perth in the car, and wrapped it once I got to my folks.

I get this inability to plan appropriately for deadlines from my mum - so I knew she'd understand! Especially as it wasn't washed nor blocked - this was kind of good in a way, as the pattern un-blocked takes on a real 3D Escher-like quality that I wanted to show her anyway.


Kathleen said...

It looks beautiful finished. Glad your mum is pleased, it's a gorgeous pattern. x K

tigerlilith said...

oooh, pretty!! :) i'm so impressed that you finished it in time (even if it was just barely!). happy new year :)

scarybez said...

What a beautiful scarf. I've been looking forward to seeing the finished piece after seeing you knitting away at it at various craft fairs. See you soon!

Rosie said...

Gorgeous scarf, and your description of the yarn makes me wish that I could feel it, too.